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Compuware Ignites Application Performance Management For Cloud And Big Data

Written by  Raja Rao | 15 May 2012
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compuwareCompuware has made the first claim within deep transaction management solution for dynamic cloud and big data applications. The Compuware APM Spring 2012 Platform release introduces new innovations in Compuware dynaTrace(R) Enterprise that simplify performance optimization, operation and management of modern, dynamic applications.

With security concerns slowly going to bed within cloud adoption, the next biggest issues that CTO/CIO's will be concerned will be application performance management. Compuware has reacted with an enterprise grade APM solution targeting EC2 and Azure cloud based applications as well as Cassandra and Hadoop Big Data applications performance optimization.

dynaTrace Enterprise comes with extended cloud capabilities for auto-discovery and auto-adaptive instrumentation to reduce operational costs and provide deeper visibility within multi cloud and hybrid cloud environments. There are differentiating features within the solution like dynamic behavioural analytics for smart baselines that adjusts to realtime changes and zero configuration dashboards.

Other features of this APM solution include zero configuration instrumentation providing real time code level clarity for faster tuning optmized for Cassandra and Hadoop based solutions, Out of the box anlaytics and dashboards, Smart auto-baselines for fast time-to-value and no false-positive alerting even for dynamic, highly elastic environments and Automatic log file correlation to transaction detail for deeper application context and faster mean-time-to-resolve (MTTR) than any alternative approach in the market.

"Our dynaTrace Enterprise Spring Release has been designed and built with the myriad of new application challenges in mind -- dynamic clouds, elastic big data and automatic operations support. As with all our releases, customers helped us design, test and tune our leading-edge capabilities which, I believe, will continue to set Compuware APM apart from other offerings." Bernd Greifeneder, Chief Technology Officer & Senior Vice President of dynaTrace Enterprise Engineering for Compuware's APM business unit.

Raja Rao

Raja Rao

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