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Easy Migration Of Lotus Notes Apps To Cloud With CIMtrek And OrangeScape Partnership

Written by  Ritu Saxena | 16 May 2012
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orangescapeWant to break free of the expenses on maintenance of legacy systems? Migrate to PaaS solutions offering innovative technology at reduced prices with little or no overheads in the future. One such offering in this direction is a solution emerging out of partnership of OrangeScape, a Global 10 Platform as a Service provider with CIMtrek Ltd a leader in the automated migration of Lotus Notes applications.

The result is obvious, an offering for quick and easy movement of Lotus Domino Applications to a modern cloud based application on OrangeScape platform. The migration would be ‘choose now to be prepared for the future’ kind of step for organizations.

OrangeScape already has in place a Visual Development platform on the public cloud of customer’s choice be it Google or Microsoft. OrangeScape’s Visual, Drag-and-drop, modelling based Development Environment provides a suitable environment for Lotus Domino type of applications on the cloud. With the current partnership its Lotus Notes migration solution becomes even more powerful due to automation, which significantly reduces the risks, time, cost and effort for customers planning to move from Lotus Notes to a cloud infrastructure.

The process of migration of the lotus domino applications from the enterprises to the cloud involves unique and fully automated Discovery and Analysis Phase followed by the automatic migration of meta-data, UI forms and critical business information. Don’t worry this is not a superficial uprooting but a deep rooted one as the solution comes with a Visual Development platform from OrangeScape for domino developers for the upkeep of the system as per the needs of the organization.

More about the guiding factors behind the offering directly from company heads:

"These are exciting times and we're delighted with this partnership with OrangeScape," said Jon Pyke, founder and CEO of CIMtrek. "CIMtrek has been committed to empowering Enterprises and helping them move away from legacy platforms such as IBM Lotus. OrangeScape is an excellent target platform on the cloud for migrating Lotus Domino Applications."

Suresh Sambandam, founder and CEO of OrangeScape, said, "Enterprise IT Leaders are actively looking to invest into strategic initiatives such as adopting Cloud/PaaS, enterprise mobility and the like. Unfortunately, the majority of their current IT budget is often tied to maintaining and supporting legacy platforms like Lotus Notes. Progressive thinking IT leaders, however, now have an option that is a double win. Not only can they migrate away from Lotus Notes, but they can also migrate to a modern platform-as-a-service technology thereby achieving double benefit."

As of now this bundled solution is available to customers worldwide only through OrangeScape.

Ritu Saxena

Ritu Saxena

Ritu is the technical brain behind the website and comes from a strong development background across Web and Mobile platforms. She is our senior editor primarily responsible for Product Reviews and in future will be leading Start-Ups, Mobile and Quality areas.

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