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SAP Powers HANA With Ecosystem, Analytics, Performance As Key Themes

Written by  Sudheer Raju | 17 May 2012
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sap hanaSAP is on a roll just a week after announcing its intent to accelerate its cloud strategy. With key themes of ECOSYSTEM on Cloud, ANALYTICS for businesses, application PERFORMANCE like none other,  the company has made a series of announcements yesterday to not just give a warning shot to its rivals but a whole intent on its vision to become the leader by 2015.

The user base being targeted is not just restricted to enterprises but for a change SMB's (Small Medium Businesses) are on priority seat and the new trend to see from SAP is targeting developers, offering the services on cloud along with HANA developer sand box on Amazon cloud services. HANA now comes with service packs method of updates as opposed to upgrades which makes life for end users easier avoiding complex upgrade process to newer versions.

Service Pack 4 and Hadoop Interoperability

New Service Pack 4 for HANA comes with native text search added on both structured and unstructured data. This also comes with R interoperability with SAP HANA opening up all possibilities of statistical analysis using HANA platform. The company also mentioned that SAP Data Services software will provide capabilities to use Hadoop as a data store and be interoperable with the “big data” Hadoop framework.

Developer Instances on AWS

Developer instances of SAP HANA are now available on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform. For the first time, developers can get access to the ground-breaking in-memory technology from SAP through a highly-scalable and low-cost infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS). Developers who sign up are able to run their own pre-configured HANA instance to create their data analysis application. Along with a host of third-party development tools already available on AWS and a major addition to its ecosystem.

New Application Suite On HANA

The aggression of intent to accelerate its cloud strategy also involves launch of various applications for SMB's and enterprises alike. The solutions announced which are built on HANA platform include:

  1. SAP® Sales and Operations Planning application
  2. SAP® Cash Forecasting analytic application
  3. SAP® Planning and Consolidation application
  4. SAP® Collections Insight analytic application
  5. SAP® Sales Pipeline Analysis analytic content
  6. SAP® Bank Analyzer rapid-deployment solution for financial reporting with SAP HANA
  7. SAP® Deposits Management rapid-deployment solution for transaction history analysis with SAP HANA
  8. SAP® Supplier InfoNet site

SAP has also been working on mobile side of offering enabling enterprises to leverage its apps on mobile phones and tablets. The recent launch of a collaboration software for enterprise design and development teams along with a PAAS offering of its application, it can be said that SAP is firing on all cylinders.


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Sudheer Raju

Sudheer Raju

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