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Whats New In Fourth Generation Of Cloudera Hadoop

Written by  Sudheer Raju | 10 June 2012
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cloudera hadoopCloudera, a distributor of Apache Hadoop has completed its beta program successfully for its distribution CDH4 (Cloudera Distribution Including Apache Hadoop) and is now up for general availability. In parallel the company also announced availability of Cloudera Enterprise 4.0, the company's Apache Hadoop data management platform.

This release comes out at the back of Apache's alpha release of Hadoop version 2.0 surrounding the next generation MapReduce and multiple Namenode support.

CDH4 includes high availability for the file system, ability to support multiple namespaces, HBase table and column level security, improved performance, HBase replication and greatly improved usability and browser support for the Hue web interface. One of the key issues that Hadoop had will be resolved with this release surrounding singe point of failure in HDFS with multiple namespaces.

Cloudera Manager 4, the management tier of Cloudera now comes with seamless integration with support for LDAP authentication and additional databases, including Oracle and PostgreSQL and includes new packages for Ubuntu and Debian. Besides it also exposes management layer for multi namespace, multi-cluster, cluster-wide heatmaps, host monitoring and automated client configurations.

The company boasts a multifaceted partner ecosystem with 250 companies within various sectors and claims the product to have been tested on 65% of the world’s largest commercial Hadoop deployments. It has been one of the greater contributors to Apache Hadoop. The company has said that it has already started focusing on its ambitious research items that would be part of CDH5 and Cloudera Manager 4.5 as next versions.

Sudheer Raju

Sudheer Raju

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