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RightScale Supports Windows Azure Eyeing Greater Market Share

Written by  Raja Rao | 11 June 2012
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rightscaleRightScale® Inc., a leader in cloud computing management, releases its cloud management service for Microsoft Azure for both Windows and Linux. RightScale is now running a private beta with Windows Azure as one of the public cloud choices available for management with RightScale.


Customers in the private beta program will use RightScale to easily deploy workloads to Windows Azure using automation and dynamic configuration while retaining complete control and governance.

The combination of Windows Azure and RightScale will provide IT professionals and developers a faster on-ramp to the Windows Azure cloud with increased management efficiency. RightScale provides pre-built ServerTemplates™ as a configuration framework to facilitate efficient, automated provisioning and operations on Windows Azure. RightScale supports both Windows and Linux on Windows Azure, offers an out-of-the-box scalable 3-tier .NET deployment, and provides auto-scaling based on application specific custom metrics such as number of SQL Server queries.

Being a customer of RightScale you will have access to RightScale MultiCloud Marketplace, which includes pre-built cloud ServerTemplates, scripts, and architectures that are fully customizable. RightScale provides global management of the six geographic regions provided by Windows Azure, enabling customers to move workloads among regions and architect for high availability and disaster recovery across regions. Additionally, RightScale delivers a multi-cloud management view for customers to manage their Windows Azure public cloud deployments alongside their private cloud deployments – using the same configuration and automation methodology for both cloud architectures.

RightScale offers six fully supported public cloud partners through their platform that include Amazon Web Services (AWS), Datapipe, IDC Frontier (IDCF) a subsidiary of Yahoo! Japan, Logicworks, Rackspace and SoftLayer. RightScale also partners with private cloud software providers Citrix Cloudstack, Eucalyptus and Openstack® Cloud.

Raja Rao

Raja Rao

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