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Nodeable Bolsters Hadoop With Real Time Big Data Analytics

Written by  Sudheer Raju | 18 July 2012
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nodeableApache Hadoop certainly has revolutionized the way data and associated analytics can be handled to the advantage of various businesses this year and has also given rise to some great startups over time supporting or complementing Hadoop. One such organization that has launched a "Real Time" big data Hadoop pre-processing analytics engine today is Nodeable.This service goes by name "StreamReduce" which in essence is real-time aggregation and processing engine that enhances and analyzes data streams as a cloud-based complement to batch processing via Apache Hadoop and Amazon Web Services Elastic Map Reduce.

Ever since Hadoop has come to light various companies had been trying to offer hadoop based services addressing the issues it comes with in terms of real time analytics, providing an easy management tier to hadoop batch processing, resolve single point of failure in hadoop and many more. While StreamReduce appends real time pre-processing there are other companies which already does this like HStreaming or Yahoo's S4. However if you are after an opensource solution then look no further than Nodable's StreamReduce.

StreamReduce is powered by a real time analytics engine called "Storm", free and open source distributed realtime computation system. While Hadoop is powerful but limited to batch-oriented processing of data, Storm crunches data in real-time, in the stream. Nodeable said its cloud hosted solution provides front-end processing like summaries, counts, anomalies, status, trends before data hits Hadoop and turns those data into useful information.  In other words, real-time insights into your systems along with normalization of data to make Hadoop batch processing much more efficient.

At an affordable price of $99/month as a start, StreamReduce is available in its beta release addressing some real-time analysis usecases like clickstream analysis, Security and fraud detection, Pinpointed advertising and marketing.

“For almost a year the engineering team at Nodeable has worked closely with more than 400 beta users who’ve told us that a real-time analytics complement to Hadoop is a top priority,” said Dave Rosenberg, Founder and CEO of Nodeable. “Batch workflows are too slow for turning data into useful, actionable information. StreamReduce solves that problem with a simple cloud-based solution.”

Sudheer Raju

Sudheer Raju

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