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Terracotta's BigMemory To Access And Search Big Data Ultra-Fast

Written by  Raja Rao | 30 July 2012
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Terracotta BigMemoryTerracotta Inc.'s new version of BigMemory, a big data management solution has extended In-Memory capacity by 10x enabling faster access as well as searching of Big Data. Significant enhancements can be seen in scalability, search and security. BigMemory facilitates organizations to real-time, in-memory access to terabytes of data to achieve unprecedented speed, performance and scale for the applications that power their business.

One of the challenges being faced by companies with Big Data is to analyze and use it to make business sense. Ordinary programming skills are not sufficient to achieve this complex task. BigMemory solves this by providing a simple, snap-in solution that easily integrates into existing IT environments to deliver immediate business value. It unlocks the value in big data by maximizing the use of inexpensive memory (RAM) to deliver a comprehensive solution for real-time access to massive amounts of business data, delivering faster access to terabytes of data. 

Key Capabilities and Enhancements: 

  • 10 times increase in the capacity of BigMemory enabling its customers to fully utilize all the memory (RAM) in terabyte servers and deploying massive in-memory Big Data solutions.
  • Search has become a critical capability due to data being indexed without significant overhead, empowering users to conduct fast searches across terabytes of in-memory data.
  • Transport level security via SSL and heightened security access for monitoring and managing deployments.
Terracotta's customers include biggies like Adobe, HP, Cisco, Nokia, T-Mobile to name a few.

"The explosion of big data volume, velocity and variety creates business challenges that legacy platforms simply cannot address," said Gary Nakamura, general manager of Terracotta. "BigMemory not only simplifies and dramatically improves big data management performance, but it does so at terabyte scale, creating real opportunities for business innovation for our customers."

To have a first hand experience of the latest version of BigMemory, try the trial version.
Raja Rao

Raja Rao

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