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Nimbula and MapR Create Hadoop Cluster On Private Clouds On The Fly

Written by  Raja Rao | 09 August 2012
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Nimbula Teams Up With MapRNimbula, the Cloud Operating System Company, introduced its elastic Hadoop solution with MapR Technologies, the provider of the open, enterprise-grade distribution for Apache Hadoop, to help customers get their Hadoop cluster running on a Nimbula Director-based cloud in minutes. The solution combines Nimbula Director with MapR’s Hadoop distribution and includes templates, recipes and verification tests for running Hadoop on Nimbula Director.

Nimbula Director, Nimbula’s private cloud platform, takes bare metal servers with local disks and turns them into a large multi-tenant pool of compute with a self-service provisioning interface enabling the repeated provisioning and deprovisioning of Hadoop and non-Hadoop workloads. The automation of the Hadoop services from MapR and the automation of the underlying instances from Nimbula work together to maintain a fully-functional and highly- available Hadoop cluster.

Some of the benefits to the customers are:

  • Deploying Hadoop clusters in minutes
  • Launching their own Hadoop clusters on a private cloud without needing to requisition hardware
  • Operating their Hadoop clusters in a lights-out data center with automated re-provisioning of failed nodes and a no-NameNode architecture
  • Sharing infrastructure between Hadoop clusters with complete permissions, network and resource isolation
  • Sharing infrastructure between Hadoop and non-Hadoop workloads
The main use cases for elastic Hadoop are development and testing of Hadoop based solutions, multi-tenant Hadoop and resource sharing and running Hadoop and non-Hadoop workloads on the same pool of hardware for solutions such as “follow the moon computing”.

“Nimbula is excited to be working with MapR to deliver the industry’s first turnkey Hadoop solution for private cloud,” said Jay Judkowitz, director of product marketing at Nimbula. “With this solution, customers can have the best of two worlds. They can have big data processing from Hadoop with private cloud’s ability to deliver low cost shared infrastructure that manages elastic demand between multiple tenants.”

MapR enables managing and analyzing Big Data a reality for more business users. MapR Distribution brings unprecedented dependability, speed and ease-of-use to Hadoop. Combined with data protection and business continuity, MapR enables customers to harness the power of Big Data analytics. Leading companies including Amazon, Cisco, EMC and Google partner with MapR to deliver an enterprise-grade Hadoop solution. Nimbula delivers a comprehensive cloud operating system that uniquely combines the scalability and operational efficiencies of the public cloud with the control, security and trust of today's most advanced data centers.

Apart from the current Big Data solution, MapR is already available on Google Compute Engine and Amazon Elastic MapReduce. In the recent times it is clear that companies coming up with Big Data solutions are in the lime light because of the latest technological advancements of IT industry.
Raja Rao

Raja Rao

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