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Hadapt Offers Big Data Solution For Hadoop With Interactive Applications

Written by  Raja Rao | 18 October 2012
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Hadapt Big Data AnalyticeHadapt, a startup focusing on Data Analytics on Apache Hadoop, has moved a step ahead with its latest release of Adaptive Analytical Platform. Interactive applications on Hadoop, via Hadapt Interactive Query; the Hadapt Development KitTM (HDK) for custom analytics; and integration with Tableau Software are the enhancements in the latest release. Hadapt stands out from its peers with capability to native integration of SQL with Apache Hadoop.

The Company is based on Hadoop from the ground up and offers an adaptive analytical platform for performing complex analytics on structured and unstructured data without connectors, all in one cloud-optimized system. Its core technology is a full integration of Hadoop with relational database technology. It enables fast analysis of large data sets.

Hadapt uses Hadoop as the parallelization layer for its query processing, with each node’s structured and unstructured data stored in an RDBMS and in HDFS, respectively. Some of the key features provided by Hadapt are cloud-ready fault tolerance, load balancing, and data replication, ensuring consistent performance in virtualized environments. In addition to providing the full power of MapReduce, Hadapt offers enhanced SQL support and the ability to work with all of your data within one platform.

Adaptive Analytical Platform is bringing together the performance and functionality of RDBMS technology with the scalability of Apache Hadoop. Adaptive Query Execution dynamically load balances queries in virtualized environments and allows analytical workloads to be automatically split between relational database engines and Hadoop to get the best possible performance out of the system. This solution empowers analysts to conduct investigative analytics on all of their data (structured, unstructured or semi-structured) in a single, unified platform, using standard business intelligence tools like Tableau.

“The idea of interactive applications on Hadoop was one of the founding ideas behind the company, and today we’re making it a reality,” said Hadapt CEO Justin Borgman. “For a long time, there’s been this incredibly powerful tool, Hadoop, that was limited to the technically-savvy community. Now, it’s here for the masses: interactive, massive-scale data processing—on any type of data—using commodity hardware and a familiar SQL interface.”

Hadapt is backed by Bessemer Venture Partners and Norwest Venture Partners.

Raja Rao

Raja Rao

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