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4 Reasons Microsoft Hadoop Can Encourage Big Data Adoption

Written by  Sudheer Raju | 25 October 2012
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hdinsightThis week and next appears to be crucial weeks for Microsoft with not just the make or break release of its next generation windows operating system but also launch itself officially into Hadoop world. Microsoft has previewed Windows Azure HDInsight Service (hosted) and Microsoft HDInsight Server for Windows (On-Premise) quoted to be the Apache Hadoop based big data solutions for Windows Azure and Server.

Microsoft yesterday at O'Reilly Strata Conference has announced its Hortonworks partnered big data future delivering an enterprise scale hadoop distribution. However Hadoop based Big Data solutions so far have been experimented only to the likes of large enteprises with enough appetite to invest in research and development. Four things that could play an important role to encourage adoption of Hadoop and Big Data solutions provided by Microsoft are:

1. Mobility Of Hadoop Insights

Hadoop is now available on both Windows Azure and Windows Server which makes it easy for any organization to try out their hand at big data on cloud as a start and move them quickly in house on to Windows Server as required. This will be the first differentiator to help increase adoption of Hadoop and Big Data with minimum investment to start with. Small to large businesses will be able to setup big data solution with minimum fuss and without much expertise on Hadoop.

Not just that, HDInsight allows to exploit Windows Azure Marketplace connecting them to Hadoop allowing users to take advantage of using hundreds of applications built on Azure platform.

2. Actionable Insights To Excel

Gartner says that data analysis will be the biggest success factor for businesses, should they do it properly, however the same data analysis will be the biggest challenge in years to come. This challenge is purely due to shortage of skillsets within the industry to analyze the data and apply the analysis to business strategy. HDInsight distribution of Hadoop brings brings the big data actionable insights to common day to day used tools like Excel, Powerpoint, PowerPivot for Excel and Power View. This opens gates for users of MS Office to deduce powerful insights without having to have knowledge of Hadoop.

3. Enterprise Hadoop Integrations

Enterprises would prefer to see any new solution be it big data or beyond to be able to be seamlessely integrate within their solution stack. Well, they can gain confidence from below integrations which can be part of the solution.

  • Integration of HDInsight with Active Directory
  • Integrate smart data mining algorithms, such as Microsoft Translator, which uses machine learning for automated text translation
  • Hive ODBC Driver that connects Hadoop data sets to SQL Server BI tools for powerful insights
  • Integrate Hadoop connectors and Hadoop data sets with SQL Server 2012 data warehouses and Parallel Data Warehouse (PDW) appliances.

4. Availability

The solution is hosted on Microfost's flagship cloud platform Azure, that allows to achieve high availability of Hadoop based Big Data solution. On top of it HDInsigt has simplified maintenance and management of such environemnt using Microsoft System Center 2012, a management platform for IT Environments.

Although Microsoft appears a bit late in providing a hadoop based big data solution, it does have all the routes open to make it big within commercial enterprise market.

Sudheer Raju

Sudheer Raju

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