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Cloudera Enterprise Enables Real-Time Query On Hadoop With Impala

Written by  Raja Rao | 31 October 2012
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Cloudera ImpalaCloudera provides Apache Hadoop-based software solutions and services. The Company has come up with a real-time query engine for Hadoop enhancing Big Data management to a great extent. It’s Big Data Platform, Cloudera Enterprise, batch and real-time operations to be performed on any type of data (unstructured and structured) within one massively scalable system. This Solution enables data processing at petabyte scale.

Until now Big Data analysis was done on Hadoop using batch processing. But with the latest innovation of Cloudera Impala, an Apache-licensed, real-time query engine for data stored in HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System) and HBase and interaction with data in real time is possible. This greatly improves the decision making power of the Organizations. Cloudera Enterprise RTQ provides the management and support capabilities needed to effectively operate Cloudera Impala in production Environments.

Impala, the new open source project for real-time workloads, introduces a scalable, distributed query engine to the Hadoop ecosystem. Cloudera Impala is a parallel SQL engine that runs natively on Hadoop storage. It is compatible with Hive, performs better than Hive and MapReduce and is an Open Source product under the Apache License v2. It can be used by IT and business analysts across a wide range of data types and data volumes to interact at the speed of thought with data stored in HDFS or HBase.

This technology was developed by Lead Architect of the Impala project, Marcel Kornacker, who previously co-architected the query engine for the F1 project at Google. Cloudera’s Impala is similar to Google's Dremel.

"Apache Hadoop has already transformed the industry, unlocking value from Big Data for enterprises around the world," said Mike Olson, CEO of Cloudera. "Until now, enterprises had to limit the work they did with Hadoop because batch-mode processing using MapReduce was just too slow for some business problems. With today's release of Cloudera Enterprise Real-Time Query powered by Impala, we solve that problem. Cloudera Impala complements MapReduce and is the latest addition to our one hundred percent open source Big Data platform. You can now store all your data in Hadoop and use the same hardware to do both powerful analytics and run real-time queries using industry-standard tools and the SQL language. This groundbreaking new project delivers the crucial next step in realizing our vision -- to let our customers Ask Bigger Questions of all their data. Cloudera Enterprise with Real-Time Query powered by Impala is a major advance on the Hadoop platform and opens up new possibilities for Big Data in the enterprise."

Cloudera partners, including Capgemini Financial Services, Karmasphere, MicroStrategy, Pentaho, Qlikview, and Tableau, have already validated their solutions with Cloudera Enterprise RTQ powered by Impala.

Raja Rao

Raja Rao

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