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Neo4j Pockets $11 Million In Funding To Lead Graph Databases Adoption

Written by  Sudheer Raju | 05 November 2012
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neo4jNeo Technology, creators of Neo4j, the leading graph database, has raised $11 million in Series B funding. The round, led by Sunstone Capital, brings the total amount raised by Neo Technology to more than $24 million.


Neo4j is a full ACID compatible graph database that has a high availability and allows to create upto 32 Billion Nodes, 32 Billion Relationships, 64 Billion Properties. Moreover it is accessible via REST API's and sweet spot for sure is it is embeddable as a Java library.

The company has said that the investment will be used to enhance the product, rapidly expand the customer base encouraging a wider adoption of graph database. All of Neo Technology’s current institutional investors, including Fidelity Growth Partners Europe and Conor Venture Partners, are participating above pro rata in this round.

Neo gets this funding after a year where it has seen its bookings tripled in numbers as compared to previous year, up by 440% over 2011. Neo has 20+ Global 2000 customers, including Cisco, Vivendi, Deutsche Telekom, Lockheed Martin, BAE Systems, Telenor, LexisNexis, Intercontinental Exchange, Adobe, and Pitney Bowes.

The popularity of the product comes from the fact that it exposes a no nonsense web interface which allows users to create nodes, relationships between nodes and properties to each nodes to store data in form of graphs. This makes working with the database much easier compared to other similar databases. It allows to use Gremlin or Cypher as query languages to access the data within the graph database and alternatively exposes REST API's to access the data.

The Neo4j Partner Graph is quickly expanding by including the thought leaders in NOSQL and graph database applications. It boasts a very rich partner ecosystem comprising of HP, OpenCredo, Open Software Integrators, InfoClear, McKnight Consulting Group, Xnlogic, CodeCentric, Instil Software, JayWay, Lateral Thoughts, Morgner, SPP42, Xebia, Zenika, Centrum Systems, Readify, SpringSource, Heroku, Thoughtworks, and Capgemini.

Sudheer Raju

Sudheer Raju

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