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The PMAM CRM software is perfect for one-man businesses, SMEs and large multi-nationals. From lead management to scheduling follow-ups, creation of campaigns, making proposals, raising sales orders and tracking sales and opportunities, the PMAM CRM system offers a complete solution that addresses all aspects of the sales cycle.

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  • Sales Management
    • Set targets and/or sales quotas for each sales person or teams.
    • Assign territories to sales personnel to channelize follow-ups, lead generation and sales.
    • Track pipeline status with the help of reports to give you an overall picture of the sales cycle.
    • Improve revenue predictability with the help of sales forecasts.
    • Over a period of time, monitor the performance of a sales person or team by analyzing actual sales, as opposed to the quotas or targets assigned.
  • Account Management
    • Manage all contacts within a lead organization.
    • Maintain detailed notes of interaction with each contact from the lead's company.
    • Maintain detailed records of the hierarchy of each contact within a lead company and the roles they play.
    • Generate new business from existing accounts.
  • Lead Management
    • Create comprehensive records for each lead with all associated information. Import your leads and contacts from other sources into the CRM system using the Import Wizard.
    • Assign each lead to a sales person or team who will be responsible for maintaining regular contact, providing information and converting the lead.
    • Manage leads by maintaining a list all contacts within a lead organization, their designation in the organization, the role they play in the sales process and detailed notes of all communication with them.
    • Group your common leads into baskets. Leads from a single source (eg: trade fair or exhibition) can be grouped into a single basket, facilitating regular communication with them. Communications can be designed to target all leads of a certain group.
    • Escalate your leads from one basket to another depending on a change in their status. This will ensure a clear overview of leads status at all times.
    • Monitor and modify pipeline status of leads at regular intervals of time. Knowing which stage of the sales cycle a lead is in is crucial to closing a sale.
    • Close deals successfully and with regularity with regular follow-ups, up-to-date information on your leads and a proactive approach.
  • General Features
    • Warm up leads with regular email communication.
    • Remain in constant contact with leads and prospects through automated email campaigns.
    • Create a mail-merge document for up to a thousand customers at a time with integrated address details of each customer.
    • Customize the data capture fields to reflect names relevant to your organization.
    • Assign access permissions to every lead, allowing access to relevant sections of database, or allocate appropriate rights and functionality based on position and role within the organization.
    • Configure your system to accept the input data on “Contact Us” forms directly into the database.
    • Create and distribute surveys and feedback forms quickly and easily to gain insights into customer satisfaction, quality of services and product satisfaction.
  • Opportunity Management
    • Monitor and modify pipeline status of leads at regular intervals of time.
    • Automatically generate and preview quotes or proposals within PMAM CRM.
    • Raise sales orders based on approved proposals.
    • Comprehensive reporting capabilities give insights into sales processes, sales force performances, pipeline movement and target achievement.

Please contact us for any features that you may think are applicable and not listed above.

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