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9 Reasons Why Service Providers Should Not Miss Skype In The Workspace

Written by  Ritu Saxena | 12 November 2012
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Here comes a free of cost service from the house of Microsoft to promote startups who have just taken birth, and grownups who want to spread their wings further. Skype In The Workspace (SITW), the offering that was launched in May 2012, has graduated from beta to final release a few days back. SITW provides a platform for entrepreneurs, startups and SMB’s to share their skills, ideas and services with like-minded people using Skype.

Linked In or existing Skype Id can be used to sign up and ‘Create an Opportunity’, as soon as you create an opportunity for yourself adding in details of the services provided by you, product/service video/images you become visible to the SITW world and beyond to connect and collaborate.

Here is what Ural Cebeci, head of SMB Marketing at Skype said about SITW

“With more than 280 million connected users each month, Skype offers a huge range of contacts for the small-business community, we aim to connect millions of small businesses with Skype in the workspace and believe that, by taking advantage of this shared network, businesses can develop the range of tools they need to grow, regardless of location or industry. From the designer in San Francisco looking to source textile suppliers in Thailand to the London consultant connecting with clients in Milan, the possibilities are endless.”

Listed below are some of the reasons why you must not miss out on the benefits provided by SITW.

  1. Its free
    The service is available free of cost for both the service providers and consumers of the services.
  2. One Stop Shop
    Skype in the workspace provides you with a single, web-based platform to effectively run your business online.
  3. Get Started Within a Jiffy
    Users of the service can start with their promotion campaign at the blink of an eye, just log-in using Skype or LinkedIn password and kick start your campaign.
  4. Personalized Touch to Business Interaction
    Make the best use of Skype to remotely connect with the potential customers face to face.
  5. Expert Advice Available
    SITW provides a central hub for entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses to connect with experts, coaches and consultants who can help them develop their businesses.
  6. Promotional Tools Available
    A series of promotional tools that help create public “offers” or “opportunities” inviting community members to live sessions on Skype to demonstrate services or products to a wider audience are made available. Users can also book appointments with potential customers or suppliers and keep track of them with a meeting notification service. When an opportunity is over, users can instantly give testimonials on the product or service offered.
  7. Beyond Skype
    The offering can be marketed beyond Skype, SITW actions can be shared on Facebook, Twitter and Linked In.
  8. The Buzz is Already On
    SITW already has an active community with more than 500 members, since the service has been available in beta since May.
  9. Relevant and Business Enquiries
    SITW is a community of business-focused individuals who are there to explore services and interact with providers in real time. Such a platform has a potential to bring more relevant enquiries regarding the services, hence service providers can concentrate their efforts on potential customers rather than wasting time on sorting out the queries.
Ritu Saxena

Ritu Saxena

Ritu is the technical brain behind the website and comes from a strong development background across Web and Mobile platforms. She is our senior editor primarily responsible for Product Reviews and in future will be leading Start-Ups, Mobile and Quality areas.

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