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Microsoft Connects Its CRM Product To Social Space

Written by  Sudheer Raju | 12 November 2012
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dynamics crmWhile social CRM is already part of the known CRM solutions like Salesforce, Microsoft is now pitching its flagship product Dynamics CRM, as one stop shop for case management with considerable movement with in social, mobile and overall business space.

First off on offer is a native Yammer integration available with Dynamics CRM by default. Until last few days Yammer was available as a plugin which customers had to explicitly install but its initial steps to integrating yammer into its product suite. Having said that Yammer is still available as an independent product. Salesforce already offers Chatter available to its customers in a similar way.

Next off is integration with Skype with Dynamics CRM which will enable support desk users to make skype calls from within the CRM interface. The interface already integrates with Outlook pretty much seamlessly where users can access any functionality available on the product from outlook.

Just about start of November Microsoft also has teamed up with Moxie Software suite of spaces that contains Knowledge Spaces, Email Spaces, Chat Spaces, Web Self-Service Spaces, CoBrowse Spaces and Social Media Spaces. Such partnership extends existing Dynamics CRM functions like Knowledge base to be automatically searched from a case for quick resolutions and to an extent achieve self service as well using knowledge base articles within CRM.

Phased as series of releases, all such integrations are scheduled to be rolled out up until march next year which also includes a mobile app, tablet app, cross browser support and much more. Dynamics CRM sure looks to be a best bet for enterprise use if you are looking for a CRM application that is cheap when the need is for mass licenses, external customers to be able to access CRM data like knowledge base for example, integrated channels like outlook, social, mobile and others.

Sudheer Raju

Sudheer Raju

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