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Actuate Joins VMWare To Unlock Value From Bigdata In The Cloud

Written by  Ravi Vadugu | 14 November 2012
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ActuateOneMany Organizations are into Big Data Analytics as the data is growing at a fast pace and volume. Unlocking value from it is beneficial for the Company to make informed decisions, in turn benefit the company. Actuate Corporation, the co-founder of the premier BIRT open source development project has come up with ActuateOne to deliver more insights into Bigdata.

Recently the company has announced its partnership with VMware in providing a cost-effective way for companies to gain insight from any source of Big Data in hybrid cloud environments, by deploying seamless, dynamic and accessible business information solutions.BIRT (Business Intelligence Reporting Tools) is an open source Eclipse-based set of reporting and data visualization tools and technologies used to build rich information applications, in particular, web applications based on Java and J2EE. ActuateOne fulfills the vision that Actuate has had since the inception of BIRT: to redefine the Business Intelligence category by moving away from a set of disparate tools to a suite of integrated capabilities within a single environment. ActuateOne is recognition of a single common architecture for development and deployment, utilizing one design, one server and a seamless unified end-user experience that meets the dynamically changing needs of information consumers.

The architecture of ActuateOne deployment contains four tiers. Application Server Tier is the ActuateOne Information Console, running on an application server and relays requests to the Actuate BIRT iServer. iServer Tier is for BI content generation requests and the Actuate iServer retrieves data from a database. Encyclopedia Tier is for BI content viewing requests; the Actuate iServer retrieves the report document from the iServer Encyclopedia and renders it in HTML. The Information Console then presents the results to the end user on the Internet. Storage Tier (SAN or shared disk arrays) can be used to house the iServer Encyclopedia with 24x7 reliability.

ActuateOne continues to evolve, adding new features and options to previous releases. Improved mobile experience with HTML5 support includes animated graphics, available on ANY mobile device, including iOS devices, charting and graphing enhancements with new HTML5 charting library that augments Adobe Flash objects for rich visualizations, browser access from any mobile device, multiple ways to deliver analysis capability to users and more interactive capabilities for users are some of the features.

Private, public and SaaS (software as a service) cloud deployments are suppoted ActuateOne by eliminating the need for hard-coded configuration, thereby enabling fast and easy deployment with VMware solutions. VMware solutions provide multiple benefits to IT administrators and users. VMware virtualization creates a layer of abstraction between the resources required by an application and operating system, and the underlying hardware that provides those resources. The product offers flexibility to VMWare's vFabric Data Director, vFabric Postgres database by provisioning and managing the data sources visualized in its dashboard. This multi-layered coupling of ActuateOne upon VMware simplifies IT management tasks, while ensuring the highest levels of mission-critical availability, security and scalability for any Actuate / VMware deployment.

As part of the partnership, Actuate and VMware demonstrated linear scalability of ActuateOne in conjunction with VMware vSphere, vFabric Data Director, and VMware vFabric Postgres. Together, the solution delivers three unique capabilities:

  • An efficient and secure approach to using shared infrastructure for servicing highly frequent requests
  • A standardized, portable, and extensible approach to enable workloads to be deployed across multiple clouds without manual configuration
  • Agile access to shared infrastructure for provisioning workloads in demand

“We are pleased to be working with Actuate to provide our customers with a solution for analyzing and visualizing large data sets that reside in hybrid cloud environments,” said Fausto Ibarra, Senior Director, Product Management, VMware. “With VMware vFabric Data Director, VMware vFabric Postgres and ActuateOne, organizations can securely and efficiently extract actionable insights from their data to make informative business decisions.”

Ravi Vadugu

Ravi Vadugu

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