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Dmitry Sotnikov, COO of Jelastic, on Jelastic Platform and Eclipse Plugin Release

Written by  Ritu Saxena | 21 November 2012
E-mail PDF Jelastic, next generation Java hosting platform which can run and scale ANY Java application without the need of code change, recently announced Jelastic plug-in for Eclipse, a popularly used IDE for Java App development. Here is some more information on Jelastic PaaS and its Eclipse plugin collected from Dmitry Sotnikov, COO of Jelastic.

The Jelastic plug-in for Eclipse significantly facilitates development and deployment of Java EE projects on Jelastic platform.

What are the major challenges of deploying Java Apps on the cloud?

Java is a very rich and powerful programming language, and most clouds (unless you are talking about basic virtual machine hosting in which you have to do all server administration yourself) take a shortcut, and significantly limit what you can do in your application. For example, they might not let you use multithreading, or have a public IP address or network ports, or use local file system - the list goes on and on.

The net effect of these limitations is that your application needs to be significantly changed in order to run on the platform. Besides the obvious costs and complexity, this also means that you become hostage of the platform provider because of all the changes you had to make. And that means that if you do not like provider's pricing, or technical support, or uptime - it is not that easy to go to another provider.

I believe that this is probably the reason why, for example, despite all the years on the market Google App Engine has still not been used as a hosting platform by any large complex popular applications.

How does Jelastic Platform help overcome these hurdles for Developers and Service Providers?

Jelastic does not require any code changes and does not impose limitations. You simply go to Jelastic dashboard, select the kind of components your application needs (various popular versions of application servers and databases are available) and upload your application.

Moreover, unlike other services, Jelastic is available from multiple hosting providers around the globe so if the provider serving you does not satisfy your needs - you can simply get Jelastic from another provider.

What additional benefits does the latest release of Eclipse plug-in provide to the app developers on top of the platform itself?

For many developers, their integrated development environment (IDE) is the application in which they spend most of their day. Being able to manage the application hosting right from your IDE means lesser clicking and window switching, and more control - which in turn results in higher productivity and satisfaction.

When can we expect the plugins for other IDE?s like NetBeans, IntelliJ?

We are working on the plug-ins to more IDEs and you can actually help accelerate the effort. Simply go to the feature-voting widget on our site: and upvote the IDE plugin or another Jelastic enhancement that you need!

With Jelastic it is possible to cloud scale Java Apps without any code changes, how is this made possible?

Magic. :) What we actually did within Jelastic was automating vertical scaling of virtual machines in your environment. Every environment component that you create: application servers, database servers, Memcached, load balancer - is a virtual machine that is yours and yours only. For each virtual machine you can set your burst limits and Jelastic ensures that the machine can scale up to these limits with no action required from you. This is very different from the traditional approach in which platforms made you select your machine size and stick to it.

We obviously provide the ability to add more servers as well (horizontal scaling), but it is the vertical scaling (more RAM and CPU) that makes Jelastic truly unique and capable of scaling up even applications not designed for multiserver execution.

How does Jelastic platform ensure the security of Java Apps on the Cloud?

Security is a combination of multiple factors. Most important one is isolation from other customers with dedicated virtual machines. In Jelastic, your application servers and database servers are yours and yours only, so there is no way another tenant can get to your data or affect your application.

In addition to that, Jelastic provides permission-based access for team work, ability to encrypt data, https/ssl access, audit trails and other security mechanisms.

Ritu Saxena

Ritu Saxena

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