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Mulesoft Hosts Over 13000 API's On Its New API Platform

Written by  Sudheer Raju | 17 December 2012
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apihubThe combined emergence of SaaS, Mobile and a wide range of tools and services are leaving no choice for enterprises to have a single solution but instead architect a variety of combination of solutions working together with each other.

To achieve this the key access points across will be API's. Mulesoft, better known for its integrated platform for connecting SaaS and enterprise applications has launched an API Hub where developers and API providers can publish, consume, connecting applications, data services and APIs.

The APIhub provides interactive capabilities for developers to search apis, browse by category, interactive testing where developers can pass parameters to the API to retrieve real time results and stay notified on changes to API's.  The publishers on the other hand are able to publish their API's by creating a detailed profile and ability to drive community participation via ratings, comments and code samples. It even exposes a billing and monetization platform for publishers to build an API business.

This free service to both developers and publishers already has over 13,000 APIs from various applications listed with powerful search and browse platform. After trying out API's that i needed for couple of products as a test, it appears quite impressive covering wide range of categories within the API world.
Mulesoft has said that APIhub is going to be the first pillar of its vision to create a first end of end platform for powering enterprises needs to both publish and discover internal and external services and APIs, as well as for connecting, securing and managing those services and APIs.

“Everyone is talking about SaaS, mobile and Big Data, but companies need to realize that the power is in bringing it all together. If enterprises don’t get that, they’ll be left behind,” said Greg Schott, president and CEO of MuleSoft. “APIs are the lingua franca for the Web, underlying all of these mega-trends and changes in the enterprise. MuleSoft’s New Enterprise vision revolutionizes the way the world connects, shares and manages data and applications. We have the only platform that solves all of the integration challenges of enterprises and SaaS providers, spanning the continuum of on-premise and cloud.”

Sudheer Raju

Sudheer Raju

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