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Citrix Provides Insights Into Success Of Its Podio Acquisition

Written by  Sudheer Raju | 18 December 2012
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podioNot long ago Citrix has acquired Podio, a much liked collaboration platform that enables people to work the way they want to, cut down on email and free themselves from content chaos. This European collaboration software company managed to raise just about $4.6 million before it was acquired by Citrix for almost a whooping $53 million back in April 2012.

The growth that Podio has seen since the acquisition is dramatic, growing its ecosystem of apps from 75000 Podio apps to almost 2.6 million Podio apps on the current date. Podio workspaces have increased from 180000 to 700000 of which more than 50% of the workspaces are marked as "Open" instead of "Private".

Podio also backs up the interest from developers and users community quoting almost 80% more status messages in workspace activity streams than private messages and 50 percent more openly shared tasks than private ones.

Citrix with an aim to capitalize on this sharing culture, has released further a new Podio feature enabling users to share content, app data and tasks from Podio with teammates, partners or customers outside a private Podio workspace by name "Podio Share". With an ability to access the collaborative platform on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android devices, it provides organizations with greater flexibility and now transparency than ever before.

Having a quick look at the Podio App Market it covers close to 25 verticals and further covers equal number of functional areas with search and browse by category functions. Interested audience may refer to its website to browse through the Podio app market.

Sudheer Raju

Sudheer Raju

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