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Raspberry Pi Gets Educational Manual, Enabling Developers To Reach Its Full Potential

Written by  Angelo Racoma | 11 January 2013
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raspberry piThe Raspberry Pi is a revolutionary product, in that it attempts to market an entire CPU in a very small and inexpensive package. But not everyone is familiar with the inner workings of the device, and so the developers have released an educational manual. The release of the Raspberry Pi Educational Manual has opened up doors and windows, so to speak.

The Raspberry Pi isn’t something an average person can understand with just one look. For a techie, probably, but for one aspiring to learn computer programming for the first time, the answer is a probable no.

What is the Raspberry Pi?

It has a catchy name that would never bring images of a computer hardware in mind. At first sight, you will be amazed at how small this gadget is. It is a credit-card sized computer. But its capability is nothing compared its diminutive size. It can be plugged to your TV together with a keyboard and then you’ll have yourself a computer with full internet, processing, and programming capabilities. It can even play high definition videos.

The Idea Behind Raspberry Pi

So, just who in their right mind would come up with this gadget? You can point your fingers to the people behind the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

These minds saw the need for kids and families to be able to have access to a computer and an internet connection, especially in the developing world. Computers cost several hundred dollars, and the idea behind the Pi was to make it small, cheap, but very much complete.

The need to educate more people at a young age on computer programming also fuelled the making of the Raspberry Pi. Previous generations would tinker with devices such as the BBC Micro, Commodore 64, and the Amiga, to name a few. Today’s generation might turn to the Pi as one way to get started on programming.
The Raspberry Pi comes in two models, A and B, at $25 to $35 respectively. Compare that to the actual price of a full desktop PC and you’ll see why the numbers of Pi customers are on the rise. More so the number of people learning basic to advanced computer programming. The Pi caught on to the enthusiast community early on, because of its extensibility. But for the rest of us, the Educational Manual would do wonders.

The Raspberry Pi Educational Manual

This is a 172 page manual that was authored by Computing at School or CAS. This PDF manual is downloadable for free, and serves as a beginner’s guide to programming using the Raspberry Pi. The idea here is that anyone can also learn to use the Raspberry Pi to its fullest potential. The manual covers lessons on Scratch, Linux command line, Python, game creation, animation, coding, and even computer science basics. If you have a Raspberry Pi, you can get the manual from the Pi Store or grab the PDF copy.
Angelo Racoma

Angelo Racoma

J. Angelo Racoma is a journalist and community manager with a keen eye for emerging standards and technologies. Angelo writes for ToolsJournal covering Technology and Startups. Besides ToolsJournal he covers startups for, Android and Google at Android Authority, the APAC tech scene for Tech Wire Asia, and enterprise news at CMSWire.

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