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What Happened On The Internet Last Year

Written by  Harpreet | 18 January 2013
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Broadband internetRoyal Pingdom, a popular website uptime monitoring company, has released internet statistics from 2012. The enormous list looks very interesting as it gives you a sense of how the web is being all across, what's in and what's out and emerging tools and services. The report includes statistics for e-mail, web pages, websites, web servers, domain names amongst several others. We'll take a look at some interesting numbers from the report.

First up, e-mail is the most popularly used communication tool across the world. There are a total of 2.2 billion number of e-mail users worldwide. All these users rely on 4.3 billion e-mail clients. The most popular e-mail client amongst that huge number is the Mail app for iOS. 425 million users actively use Gmail, which makes it the world's most popular free e-mail service provider.

In terms of the web server market, Apache still rules with 63% market share. However there's been a decline of about 6.7% in the number of websites running on Apace web server in 2012. There's been a 32.4% growth in the number of IIS websites last year. Similarly, Google hosted websites have gained 15.9% worth of growth in 2012. NGINX has gained more fans as its growth was a massive 36.4%.

Asia has the most number of Internet users, specifically at 1.1 billion. That's almost 45% of the entire strength of Internet users across the globe. Europe comes in second with 519 million users, North America with 274 million Internet users and 255 million users in Latin America. In Asia, China is the country with the maximum number of Internet users - 565 million. The country also boasts of an Internet penetration of about 42.1%. No wonder China is a huge market when it comes to the web. Meanwhile the Internet penetration in North America is about 78%.

Brazil seems to be the most social country in the world with over 85,962 number of monthly posts per Facebook Page, making it the most active country on Facebook. The world's most popular social network passed the milestone of 1 billion monthly active users in October, last year. On the other hand, Twitter just crossed the figure of 200 million monthly active users in December.

internet users region Web server software marketshare

On the web browser front - Internet Explorer is losing its emperor status but is still the market leader (God knows why) with a market share of about 39%. Chrome is growing steadily and currently holds 28% of the market while Firefox is just closer at 25%.

For complete statistics and analysis, check out the Royal Pingdom report here.

[Image Credits: Horizon Pingdom]



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