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GoDaddy Offers CDN For Small Businesses

Written by  Harpreet | 24 January 2013
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godaddyGoDaddy is looking for new ways to provide value to its customers. The popular domain registrar and web hosting company has now started offering CDN services targeted primarily at small-business customers. GoDaddy claims it can help customers improve page load times significantly.


Content Delivery Network(CDN) helps to improve page load times by serving content that is cached on servers located across the globe. GoDaddy is aiming to target customers, both new and old, who use third-party CDN services. The web hosting giant can help provide CDN services coupled with hosting and domain registration services - all under one roof.

Website performance is a crucial factor and everyone who runs a website on the Internet understands that very well. For small-businesses it could be a matter of losing customers. No one can afford that. CDN can be one step towards making sure your web pages load faster so that customers can easily access them. It can make the difference with it comes to quickly loading images, CSS stylesheets etc.

GoDaddy’s CDN service is called Website Accelerator. The service was launched this Tuesday and is available for users of the “ultimate” hosting plans. As per GoDaddy, the new service is designed to serve sites that are written mostly in HTML, rather than dynamic sites, which comprise of a lot of images. Website Accelerator can cache parts of a website’s web pages with a press of a button.

The company boasts of performance jump of 25-100% in page load times. The routing process remains on GoDaddy’s existing networks. As of now, GoDaddy has servers all across the United States while the company is planning out a major international rollout sometime later this year.

GoDaddy shall provide customers with analytics to measure their sites’ performance. The analytics tool will also provide feedback on how customers can make the most of the CDN service and improve performance of their website. The company has inked a deal with to analyze performance of web pages.

GoDaddy had earlier attempted to get into cloud services but unfortunately they had to shut down their “Cloud Servers” services. The company now claims that they’ve learnt their lesson and shall use them to provide a much better CDN service to its customers. The new service took about six months to develop and launch.

Third-party CDN providers have been around for some time now and they don’t really see this announcement as a threat. For one, GoDaddy still lacks international nodes. The company’s failed foray into cloud services also casts a shadow on the future of its new CDN services. Time will decide if people jump ships to stick to what’s more convenient or stick to existing third-party service providers.



Harpreet is a technology journalist based in India. He currently writes on Mobile, Technology and Startups. He is an avid reader and a passionate writer. Prior to ToolsJournal, Harpreet used to write for a major English news daily.

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