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Apache Flex Moves From Apache Incubator To Top-Level Project

Written by  Sudheer Raju | 25 January 2013
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apache flexApache Flex, an Open Source software development kit (SDK) for building and deploying cross-platform rich Internet applications based on the Adobe Flash platform has graduated from Apache Incubator to a Top Level Project (TLP). Flex applications can be deployed to the ubiquitous Adobe® Flash® Player in the browser, Adobe® AIR™ on desktop and mobile or to native Android™, IOS™, QNX®, Windows® or Mac® applications.

The project has been voted to be moved on to a TLP towards end of last year with a subsequent approval from Apache Board this month. This equips the project to be able to self manage and govern itself with help of contributors and become part of wider Apache Software Foundation (ASF) community.

Apache Flex has received a major boost with a generous contribution from Adobe towards September last year which consists of contributing critical codebase from once Adobe's flagship compiler product "Falcon". The revised codebase is named Falcon-JS project. The Falcon-JS project outputs JavaScript/HTML5 instead of a SWF that is used in Flash Player.

Apache Flex 4.9, the new version of Apache Flex comes with software development kit (SDK), a compiler, and automated testing tools and allows application developers to build expressive web and mobile applications using MXML for layout and ActionScript 3, an ECMAScript based language for client-side scripting. Additionally the latest version launched also comes with localization features, postalcode validator and formatter, support for Java 7 for compiling SDK and a revised Text Layer Framework (TLF).

"We are excited to continue working to develop the Apache Flex Software Development Kit, Installer, Mustella Testing Framework, and 'Falcon' Compiler to allow people to build better applications with better developer productivity," explained Alex Harui, Vice President of Apache Flex. Apache Flex source code, documentation, mailing lists, and related resources are available at


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