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comScore Now Supports Big Data Analytics With Its Mobile And Multi-Platform Media Analytics

Written by  Sorab Ghaswalla | 07 February 2013
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comScorecomScore, a company that measures big data of the digital world, has said it had connected data from over 1 million US mobile phone users, 400,000 Tablet owners and 150,000 connected device households to power its Mobile and Multi-Platform Media Analytics that measure the behaviour of today’s ‘connected’ customers.

"A critical ingredient to reporting unduplicated audiences across platforms at scale is having census-level big data assets that provide enough common touchpoints to determine audience overlap," said Serge Matta, comScore President of Commercial Solutions. "comScore's two-year focus on investing in, and building out, this massive, unmatched data is now enabling us to turn multi-platform complexity into actionable data for our clients. The granularity of our mobile data is second to none and will serve as the bedrock of our ability to deliver value to clients as they navigate the dislocation created by mobile platforms."

comScore, founded in 1999, became a public company in June 2007, and today has offices in 23 countries. The company captures over 1.3 trillion interactions monthly.

comScore has listed some of the benefits of leveraging substantial sample sizes from comScore's multi-platform data sources as:

  • Accurate determination of cross-platform audience overlap across multiple device types.
  • The ability to scale multi-platform reporting to an expanding number of media devices without the sample size constraints of using a single-source panel.
  • Detailed reporting of media consumption for a large number of media properties within each media universe.
  • Enhanced geographic reporting of audiences and campaign delivery by local market.
  • Improved ability to perform statistically reliable campaign analysis for multi-variable audiences.

comScore’s Chief Analytics Officer Tim Lemmon said de-duplicating audiences across multiple device platforms had been one of the most significant recent metrics challenges facing publishers and advertisers in a medium where screen-independent digital solutions are proliferating. comScore's Media Metrix Multi-Platform, he said, represents a big step as it had provided the company with a much improved understanding of AOL's large and unique video- and mobile-centric audience segments.

comScore’s analysis helps brands and agencies to maximize the value of their digital investments across different media channels.

[Image courtesy: comScore]

Sorab Ghaswalla

Sorab Ghaswalla

Sorab Ghaswalla is the Founder of India-based digital world consultancy firm, New Age Content Services LLP, an Internet Entrepreneur & Consultant, a journalist, and owner/Editor of 2 websites. In his free time, he contemplates the larger implications of digital life.

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