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Oracle Snap Management Utility Eases Data Protection And Secondary Processing

Written by  Mandira | 15 February 2013
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oracleIn order to help clients to make optimum use of Oracle Database with Oracle’s Sun ZFS Storage Appliance, Oracle has introduced Oracle Snap Management Utility. This new product will help Oracle database users to simplify both storage management and internal development in enterprises. It will also help the customers to manage for all types of database workloads, including enterprise applications and big data analysis in efficient manner.

Oracle Snap Management Utility has been developed to automates the creation and management of snapshot-based copies and accelerate processes and empowering database administrators with quick test, development, and data protection environments.

Interestingly, Oracle Snap Management Utility offers virtually unlimited snapshots and enables users to customize schedule, retention period, and annotations. Additionally, it provides users with consistent back up and higher level of security for data and dose fast recovery at the time of crisis.

Equipped with easy-to-use browser interface, Oracle Snap Management Utility is qualified and supported on Oracle Engineered Systems, including Oracle Exadata Database Machine, Oracle SPARC SuperCluster and Oracle Database Appliance.

Oracle Snap Management Utility for Oracle Database with the Sun ZFS Storage Appliance will help IT administrators to create user-initiated clones for test, development, quality assurance; automate snapshot management for scheduling, policy-based retention and annotating snapshots with metadata, restore to a snapshot at any point in time.

Administrators can also do some management tasks within the Snap Management Utility and save their capital and valuable storage space by providing point-in-time storage-efficient virtual copies of the data.

Speaking more about the company’s Snap, Phil Bullinger, senior vice president, Storage, Oracle said, “Oracle Snap Management Utility simplifies the creation and management of Oracle Database snapshots and clones and puts control back into the hands of the database administrator. Ultimately, this helps businesses reduce risk by streamlining data protection processes and improve the bottom line through increased business agility in test, development, quality assurance and training.”

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