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Valve Software Launches Steam For Linux

Written by  Harpreet | 19 February 2013
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steamValve has finally released Steam for Linux. Users can now download Steam for free from the Ubuntu Software Center. The launch is expected to bring some serious gaming to the world of Linux. Although Steam is currently only available on Ubuntu, the company expects a growing user base on the popular Linux distribution in the coming few months.

Canonical has also released a statement which claims its users can now install the much awaited Steam client in a few simple clicks. As per the company, it's the fastest and safest way to download and install applications on Ubuntu. Both Canonical and Valve have worked closely to make Ubuntu the first choice for launching Steam.

What's more? Steam is also running a promotion under which every Ubuntu-enabled game will be available for a discount of up to 75% until February 21, 2013. The initial availability of almost 60 games includes popular game titles such as Team Fortress 2, Counter Strike and Half Life.

Valve says that it has been working on the Steam gaming genuine for Linux since last summer. There are speculations in the gaming industry that the company is also set to launch an Ubuntu powered gaming console in the market later this year. If true, the console will compete with popular gaming consoles like the Xbox 360, PS 3 and Wii. Both Xbox and PlayStation are expected to be revived this year as well.

Valve Software said, in a statement, "We welcome all the new Steam users who can now upgrade to Ubuntu. Steam Big Picture running on your Ubuntu computer connected to the living room TV is a great way to experience the future today."

The gaming industry is on a sugar rush this year. Sony is expected to announce a brand new edition of its popular gaming console - PlayStation. Microsoft, on the other hand, is tight lipped about its upgrade for the Xbox, scheduled for the holiday season this year. Valve has brought the much expected gaming platform to Linux, which will be loved by both game publishers and users.

We can't wait to see some numbers on user adoption in the Linux sector for Steam. Till then, happy gaming! 

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