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Google Reveals Google Glass – Videos, Features And Preorders!

Written by  Harpreet | 21 February 2013
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google glassGoogle first unveiled its ambitious Google Glass project last year. The company today revealed some more details about its futuristic wearable computer by releasing videos, a feature list and opening up preorders for general audience. The videos indicate how Glass works and its interaction with users.

Last year at I/O 2012, Google showcased the Google Glass project and opened up preorders for the device to select developers. Google still calls the project an "infant" and is currently testing it heavily.

Co-founder Sergey Brin has been personally testing the device all this time, as he has been spotted in numerous occasions wearing the trademark Google Glass.

For expanding preorders, Google is asking users to post a tweet or an update on Google+ with a hash tag (#ifihadglass) and explain in 50 words or less what they would do if they had "Glass". Users can also post up to 5 photos or a 15 second video. Seems like Google has made a social media campaign on it. Quite clever!

However the new preorders are only open to legal citizens of the United States. Seems like everyone outside the US will just need to hang on tight. Also, the augmented reality project will set back users a handsome $1500 fee for the hardware. Now that's something only serious folks would be running for.

Google has so far been very tight lipped about the project. It’s only today that the company has gone ahead and released detailed videos on how the device actually works. From the videos one can make out that Google Glasses will be voice activated and will perform a number of features for the user, including taking a photo, navigation and even translating text on the go. These are just some of the use-cases from one of Google’s videos released today.

[Image Credits: Google]



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