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Chartio Supports Salesforce Users With Interactive Interface To Its Data

Written by  Mandira | 25 February 2013
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chartioChartio, a company that builds interfaces for data, announced the ability to directly connect user information to Chartio as a Salesforce customer. Now, A Salesforce user can see data from Salesforce, alongside production databases like Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL, as well as Google Analytics, in the same chart or dashboard.

This interface can help user to gain insight into what customers think, want, and need. Chartio has made it a simple process to view one’s Salesforce database, filter data through date ranges, and drill-down into data points of interest.

Salesforce offers right data in the right places that will help you to tap full potential of this data. Salesforce data also help you to get efficiency and insight with Salesforce analytics, social contacts, and Chatter.

Rimas Silkaitis, product manager at CarWoo, recently said, “We were one of the companies that requested the ability to connect to Salesforce, Chartio just makes it so easy and intuitive to dive into our data, that we wanted that capability with Salesforce too.

The availability of real-time data is one of Chartio’s biggest advantages. Unlike Salesforce itself, which would only provide monthly, weekly or daily reports, Chartio allows you to report this data at whichever interval you’d like. Databases are connected directly to Chartio by the customer, circumventing the need for data warehousing, to receive the real-time data required to produce up-to-date charts.

Salesforce also cleans up flag duplicates and dead records, so you will get fresh data in your database all the time.

Chartio allows nontechnical and technical types alike to explore and understand their databases. Chartio supports Heroku, Amazon Relational Database System, Oracle, Google Analytics, Rackspace Databases, and PostgreSQL, as well as Salesforce.

The founder of Chartio, Dave Fowler said, “It is exciting to see Chartio grow into the product it is today and work closely with our customers to make it an ideal product for visualizing company data.”

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