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New DevOps Platform From CloudMunch Looks To Resolve Continuous Delivery Challenges

Written by  Sudheer Raju | 02 April 2013
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cloudmunchTwo key issues that goes against having a successful DevOps with in enterprises are lack of repeatable application deployment management and lack of lean processes that will enable developers just to focus on source code development. One new platform that has put itself forward today to resolve these challenges is CloudMunch DevOps Platform. CloudMunch is one of the 8 start-ups AWS selected to launch at AWS Re:Invent Conference in November, 2012.

CloudMunch, a provider of SaaS based DevOps tools has announced availability of its new DevOps platform within DeployCon Conference at Cloud Connect. This new DevOps platform blends continuous integration, continuous deployment and advanced DevOps management features to a single SaaS application. Developers can now use the combined strength of CloudMunch’s GitHub-to-Cloud with 1 Click functionality and Opscode Chef for deploy-anywhere continuous delivery on top of already existing Jenkins features.

There is a considerable automation from being able to sign-in with GitHub Id to setup of environments and nodes based on Chef Keys, to being able to create Chef nodes by launching pre-configured CloudMunch Chef images. The product also promotes social collaboration via discussions between teams and facilitates build, deployment and infrastructure usage metrics integrating with AWS Cloudwatch and Nagios.

It comes with number of integrations including IaaS and PaaS connectors to connect with AWS Beanstalk and Google App Engine, build a custom work flow for your release management process, full on integration with IDEs, JBoss, Apache Tomcat and others including automated updates of status work items within defect tracking systems enhancing productivity of developers. Though CloudMunch is not the first and is not going to be the last to resolve the very issues of application lifecycle management, it certainly appears to be the lean machine that will be liked by the development teams, distributed teams in specific given the automation and integrations it provides.

“CloudMunch marks the first time a DevOps tool bring continuous delivery of applications and infrastructure together in such a simplified fashion for developers,” said Pradeep Prabhu, CloudMunch CEO. “We are democratizing continuous delivery -- what was such a hard and expensive set of integrations is now one click from GitHub to the cloud.”

Sudheer Raju

Sudheer Raju

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