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Actian Purchases ParAccel To Dig Big Data

Written by  Mandira | 29 April 2013
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actian-paraaccelThe announcement of acquisition of ParAccel, a company in high-performance analytics by Action Corp, a company in big data management is driven by the increasing demand for technologies that can help enterprises to tap massive volumes of unstructured data. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

By combining ParAccel Analytic Platform with Actian’s big data innovation applications, the company hopes to strengthen its position as a major global player with one of the most powerful infrastructure portfolios to deliver business value from big data. ParAccel Analytic Platform combines an analytic database with extensibility and integration technology as a foundation for running big data analytics, anytime, anywhere.

The joint customers of Actian and ParAccel will be able to experience the value of the combined solution set. The acquisition ParAccel, will enable Action to use massive parallel, in-database analytics to address emerging data mining and business intelligence applications. Actian’s big data innovation includes Actian DataCloud, Actian Vectorwise, Actian RushAnalytics and ParAccel, Actian Action Apps.

Chuck Berger, CEO of ParAccel commented that ParAccel is being used by many of the world’s leading companies including Amazon, The Royal Bank of Scotland, OfficeMax and MicroStrategy to set them apart from their competition through analytics and with Actian, they have immediate access to a broader portfolio of solutions to turn their data into value.

In a remark, Steve Shine, CEO of Actian said, “Today’s software will fail to cope with complexities of big data. The Actian software portfolio, which is specifically designed to fully exploit modern hardware architectures, arms organizations with an unmatched single platform to connect to any data, analyze it at scale for relevance and take action to turn big data into business value”

ParAccel acquisition is similar to Teradata's purchase of Aster Data Systems (happened in 2011). It seems that this acquisition further whittles down the number of pure-play vendors in the space of MPP Big Data Market.

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