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APM Solutions Provider Appneta Unveils Next-Gen Performance And Analytical Monitoring Technology

Written by  Sorab Ghaswalla | 23 September 2013
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appnetaThe Boston, USA-based Full Stack Application Performance Management (APM) solutions provider AppNeta has announced its next generation of performance monitoring back-end storage and analytics technology. These offer both real-time application performance metrics and long term trending and analysis.

Among the many products, AppNeta is into providing SaaS solutions that give Development, Application and IT Operations team’s broad, detailed performance data to see across their web, mobile and cloud-delivered application environments and also help pinpoint performance bottlenecks. In the world of SaaS applications, hawk-eyed monitoring can be the differentiator between success and failure.

As posted on its official blog, AppNeta's new big data architecture was designed to scale to more than 50 trillion unique performance metrics allowing customers “to better understand the performance of business-critical applications and who is doing what on their networks.” Its highly parallelized Cloud-based architecture, claims the company, was designed to deliver near real-time performance insight, supporting fast query performance while running against large historical data sets.

In the words of Jim Frey, Vice President of Research, Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), AppNeta had embraced Big Data and Cloud technologies to offer a depth of current and historical performance metrics that he claimed was “unprecedented for a SaaS-based solution." “The ability to capture, store and analyse a rich combination of application and network performance information, at scale across multiple locations and users, is something every business needs to be doing to adequately assure business continuity and properly execute capacity planning."

By providing performance visibility deep into the application code integrated with network performance metrics and end user experience monitoring, AppNeta says it helps customers pinpoint outliers and bottlenecks, without really losing the broader performance trends occurring across applications and networks. With this level of integrated visibility into the application environment, customers quickly understand the experience of their end users across web, mobile and cloud-delivered applications.

AppNeta’s full stack APM solutions for mobile and web applications include:

  • Code-level application performance monitoring
  • Synthetic transaction monitoring
  • Application-aware traffic analysis
  • Network health and performance monitoring

Image Credits: AppNeta

Sorab Ghaswalla

Sorab Ghaswalla

Sorab Ghaswalla is the Founder of India-based digital world consultancy firm, New Age Content Services LLP, an Internet Entrepreneur & Consultant, a journalist, and owner/Editor of 2 websites. In his free time, he contemplates the larger implications of digital life.

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