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10,000 Indian School Kids To Receive A Free Raspberry Pi Unit

Written by  Harpreet | 17 December 2013
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raspberrypi indiaThe state government in Kerala, India has decided to give away 10,000 units of Raspberry Pi, a credit-card sized computing solution, to students. The move is a part of the Rs. 5 billion project that the state government has decided to set aside for promoting young entrepreneurs and business ventures.

This isn’t the first time Raspberry Pi has been given away to students for free. Earlier this year we reported how Google helped in a massive giveaway of 15,000 Raspberry Pi units in UK schools. In this case it’s the state government that will be sponsoring the entire deal. There’s no word on the specific model but we’re hopeful that it will be the Model B.

Apart from that the state government has promised to keep this project an annual affair in a process to build a high quality ecosystem for startups to thrive in the state. The announcement was made by the chief minister Oommen Chandy at an event recently.

If the project goes through it will make the Kerala government one of the biggest angel investors and promoter of technology amongst the youth. School children have an enormous potential to learn and apply their creative minds to interesting projects. This is where a Raspberry Pi would come in handy, especially to anyone for whom a full-fledged computer might be out of reach initially.

The state government is yet to reveal a timeline on when it plans to roll out the free Raspberry Pi program. The next general elections are scheduled for the summer of 2014, so it’ll be quite safe to assume that the government will ensure the project gets underway right within the first quarter of 2014.

It will be interesting to see if other states in the country follow Kerala’s footsteps. The state has been a pioneer when it comes to promoting technology amongst the youth. What will be even more worth watching is the number of startups that might arise from various sectors within the state, thanks to the generous grant available to almost anyone with an idea and a prototype.

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