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Google - Samsung Announcing Cross-Licensing Deal May Put An End To Patent Wars

Written by  Sorab Ghaswalla | 27 January 2014
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google vs samsungIt looks like a ceasefire has finally been called in the patents war between Samsung Electronics and Google, Inc. Both companies today jointly announced that they had decided to sign a long-term cross-licensing deal on technology patents that will cover a broad range of areas and mutual business areas.

The mutually beneficial agreement covers the two companies’ existing patents as well as those filed over the next 10 years.

In a blog post, the South Korean electronics giant expressed its satisfaction on the deal. “We’re pleased to enter into a cross-license with our partner Samsung,” said Allen Lo, Deputy General Counsel for Patents at Google. “By working together on agreements like this, companies can reduce the potential for litigation and focus instead on innovation.”

With this agreement, Samsung and Google gain access to each other’s industry-leading patent portfolios, paving the way for deeper collaboration on research and development of current and future products and technologies.

Readers may know that Apple and Samsung have been engaged in a number of legal disputes over mobile technology patent in various countries including the U.S. and South Korea. A Wall Street Journal report said Samsung currently owed Apple US $930 million in damages for patent infringement.

So what does the new agreement mean? Analysts said cross-licensing patents reduced the likelihood of Google and Samsung facing each other in court battles over intellectual property in the future. It means both companies have agreed to cooperate, Samsung being the market leader in selling devices based on Google's Android mobile operating system.

According to the Head of Samsung’s Intellectual Property Center, Dr Seungho Ahn, the agreement with Google was highly significant for the technology industry since both were showing the rest of the industry that there was more to gain from cooperating than engaging in unnecessary patent disputes.”

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Sorab Ghaswalla

Sorab Ghaswalla

Sorab Ghaswalla is the Founder of India-based digital world consultancy firm, New Age Content Services LLP, an Internet Entrepreneur & Consultant, a journalist, and owner/Editor of 2 websites. In his free time, he contemplates the larger implications of digital life.

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