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CDC Tools : Capture and Deliver Real Time Enterprise Data Integration

Written by  Shreya Jain | 07 September 2011
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Change data capture (CDC) products capture and deliver only the changes made to enterprise data sources, enabling efficient and real-time data integration, and eliminating the need for batch processing windows.

Below is the list of various change data capture products:


Attunity Stream is a log-based, real-time CDC software platform that captures and delivers only the changes made to enterprise data sources, operational and transaction systems. It is efficient, robust, has real-time coverage, low cost of ownership etc. It is a log-based change data capture (CDC) product for efficient, real-time data integration and event capture.


Centerprise Data Integrator delivers an extensible and usable integration platform that delivers a visible and flexible integration environment. It provides a powerful, scalable, high-performance and affordable integration platform designed to be used by your business information experts.


The WisdomForce Database Sync System (Database Sync) is a transactional data movement solution, which is designed to meet the needs of enterprise-wide, mission-critical systems. It provides high performance real-time change data capture, database replication and data warehouse feed from very large databases.


HiT Software's DBMoto performs refresh and real-time data replication for your enterprise server and desktop replication needs. The product line provides an optimal data integration solution based on open standards, which enables an IT crew or systems integrator to implement cost-effective, extensible solutions across heterogeneous databases on any platforms.

HVR Software

HVR Software empowers leading companies in a wide range of industries to quickly solve business-critical challenges. The technology scales from easy to use solutions for important business problems to embedded data integration for complex replication topologies.


The Informatica PowerExchange CDC Option captures changes in a number of environments as they occur, satisfying business requirements for up-to-the-minute data and increasing business agility. The PowerExchange CDC Option supports right-time access and delivery of your data, regardless of its source, which helps your IT organization respond more efficiently to changing business needs.

IBM Inforsphere

IBM InfoSphere Change Data Capture integrates information across heterogeneous data stores in real time. It provides leverage real-time data replication to support data migrations, application consolidation, data synchronization, dynamic warehousing, business analytics and ETL or data quality processes.


Oracle Streams, a built-in feature of the Oracle database, is a data replication and integration feature. It provides a flexible infrastructure that meets a wide variety of information sharing needs. It enables the propagation of data, transactions and events in a data stream either within a database, or from one database to another. 

Vision Replicate

Vision Replicate1 provides an easy, on-demand data sharing that breaks through the barriers imposed by multiple databases, incompatible applications and disparate platforms. It makes it easy to capture, replicate, transform and share information, allowing one to achieve greater productivity, higher profitability and immediate ROI, with no programming required. Its intuitive management console enables complete monitoring and control of day-to-day data sharing. And, because it is application independent, one can choose applications that best meet our business objectives, without regard to the underlying database or operating system.


SharePlex simplifies data replication to what is really needed, so one can replicate multiple copies of one’s Oracle data for migrations, database upgrades, software upgrades, operational reporting, high availability etc. It is fully automated, easy to use, provides high-integrity data, low overheads, flexible datatype support, affordability etc. It offers a cost-effective alternative to Oracle’s native solutions and provides data comparison, synchronization, and monitoring functionalities — all in one package.


Flexviews is a unique open source project. It is a materialized views implementation for MySQL. The advantage of using flexviews is that the materialized views are incrementally refreshed, that is, the views are updated efficiently by using special logs which record the changes to database tables. Flexviews includes tools which create and maintain these logs.


The Shadowbase from Gravic provides a full range of replication technologies to satisfy your most demanding IT availability requirements. Shadowbase data replication is a rock-solid, highly scalable, feature-rich technology acting as the cornerstone for a wide variety of successful business solutions.


Oracle GoldenGate is a comprehensive software package enabling the replication of data between both Oracle and non-Oracle datastores.  Oracle GoldenGate, a key component of Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle's strategic data replication offering.

Connx Data Sync

CONNX DataSync is a change data capture tool that captures incremental changes from relational and non-relational source databases and delivers them at user-defined intervals to single or multiple database targets. This is done in a fraction of the time required by full extracts. Several functions can be performed with CONNX DataSync: Data extracts, scheduled or on-demand full reloads and incremental updates. CONNX DataSync can be used to support Business Intelligence or event-driven business process management applications.

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Shreya Jain

Shreya Jain

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