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Oracle NoSQL Database 3.0 Launched, Extends Security, Performance, And Usability

Written by  Preetam Kaushik | 08 April 2014
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oracle nosqlOracle has announced the release of Oracle NoSQL Database 3.0 that will aid developers by providing better security, performance, and usability.

This is an enterprise-class database solution that provides better security, scalability, and data model flexibility to ensure that developers can build high performance, next-generation applications. This latest version of distributed key value database will provide greater security for real-time, web-scale workloads.

The greater security is provided through OS independent, cluster wide password based user authentication. The Oracle Wallet also enhances security. Protection from network intrusion is provided by session based SSL encryption and network port restrictions.

The usability of the latest version has been enhanced by the support for tabular data models and secondary indexing. These changes improve ease of integration and provide better performance for queries.

The performance of the data center is further enhanced when enterprises use Oracle NoSQL Database 3.0 as there is automatic failover to metro area secondary data centers. This ensures greater continuity of business processes and applications. In addition it is possible to offload read only workloads such as business analytics, data exchange, and report generation to secondary server zones for more efficient workload management.

With enterprises looking for better security and performance features in database servers, Oracle has developed a version that will enable developers to provide the enhanced security and performance needed. With this version developers can build next generation applications with confidence and ease. The latest version is expected to provide enterprise users with productivity and performance gains.

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Preetam Kaushik

Preetam Kaushik

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