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Look Who Claims Second Decade of Middleware Leadership

Written by  Sudheer Raju | 09 April 2012
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IBMIBM this week claimed, based on Gartner's definition of middleware IBM has once again been named the overall marketshare leader in middleware software. The rankings are based on total worldwide revenue for 2011 and mark the eleventh consecutive year of leadership for IBM.

According to the report (1), IBM was the leading software vendor with 32.1 percent market share, extending its lead to nearly double that of its closest competitor. According to Gartner, IBM grew 12.4 percent in 2011, faster than the overall market. The worldwide application infrastructure and middleware software market grew 9.9 percent to $19.4 billion, according to Gartner.

Enterprise Service Bus Suites, Message Oriented Middleware Market, Transaction Processing Monitor Market and Interation Applications are few of many areas which Gartner has reported the leading areas for IBM putting it ahead of its major rival Oracle. Gartner also reported double digit growth by IBM for the Portal Products and User Interaction segment IBM's continued market share leadership in middleware has been a key reason for the company's strong growth.

Business Process Management Suite (BPMS) segment grew at 11.2 percent in 2011, Gartner said. IBM was named the number one vendor in BPMS software with a 27.1 percent share; almost triple that of its closest competitor. BPMS software enables companies to develop and implement processes that help their businesses be more agile and grow.

We believe the newest Gartner report reflects IBM's continued and growing lead in business integration middleware," said Marie Wieck, General Manager, IBM Application and Middleware. "We are continually integrating and accelerating the capabilities we provide clients so that they can expand into key growth areas such as BPM, business analytics, security, mobile and cloud. The growth in our marketshare illustrates the success of this strategy."

IBM has also been named the number one share holder in the worldwide application development software market according to Gartner with 24 percent of the market. Gartner reported that IBM continues to lead in key and growing segments including the Distributed Software Change & Configuration Management, Requirements Elicitation and Management, Design and Java Platform AD Tools, and realized 25 percent growth in the Security Testing (DAST & SAST) market.

Ref: Gartner, Inc., Market Share: All Software Markets, Worldwide, 2011, March 29, 2012

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Sudheer Raju

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