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Deploy Apps Faster to Middleware and Cloud With Deployit

Written by  Sudheer Raju | 25 April 2012
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deployitXebiaLabs, the leading provider of enterprise-class application release automation, has recently enhanced its product Deployit with new features. The new features include enhanced enterprise-class security in the GUI, application release pipeline reporting and the addition of Microsoft .Net integration.

The new features further enhance the usability, security and scalability of the product. The Microsoft.Net plugin confirms Deployit as the most scalable deployment automation solution on the market and the product's fit for large enterprise deployments.

The enhanced features include a Release Dashboard that gives real-time insight into an application's progress through the deployment pipeline while the Microsoft.NET plugin allows to use deployit to deploy to Microsoft.NET environment just as easily as to Java EE middleware. Composite Packages is another feature where components can be packaged and deployed together, forming a new application version. The composite package has its own deployment lifecycle and pipeline, making it a first-class citizen in Deployit. The other one is Orchestrators which give deployers fine-grained control over the deployment plan. By choosing an orchestrator for your deployment, you influence in what order components are deployed to target middleware to achieve, for instance, a high-availability deployment. Orchestrators are also pluggable so Deployit extenders can create their own.

Additionally the product has flexed providing control to organize enterprise applications and environments across business units, technologies or functional teams. Deployit handles downgrades and partial upgrades just as well as installations and full upgrades. Intelligent ARA is capable of handling multiple application deployments across projects: something that not only executes your app deployment but is also capable of automated planning.

Sudheer Raju

Sudheer Raju

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