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VMWare Finds A BI Partner In Jaspersoft To Build Data Driven Apps

Written by  Sudheer Raju | 15 May 2012
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BI for PAASTwo technology notes that have tuned us and are set to take us through the roller coaster for rest of the year are data analytics and Platform-As-A-Service. VMWare after teaming up with Piston Cloud Computing has recently found another partner in Jaspersoft to include high scale data analytics and drive development of data driven applications.

With Cloud Foundry, VMware offers a competitive PaaS solution, built on open source technologies. Jaspersoft will offer an open source edition of its flagship Jaspersoft BI Suite, pre-configured for Cloud Foundry, which supports the ability to access relational databases like MySQL and Big Data services like MongoDB. Jaspersoft provides native access to the leading Big Data products, including MongoDB, for which it recently announced the industry’s first BI connector.

With the Cloud buzz moving across from technology savy organizations to ERP, CRM, day to day eCommerce and other spaces the generation of data cannot be under estimated and to handle that amount of data the PAAS platform should be capable enough to enable developers to quickly develop data driven applications to make sense of the data available through powerful analytics. Such analytics can in turn be used by enterprises in organizational decision making. Jaspersoft’s BI for PaaS integrates with Cloud Foundry to provide easy and powerful reporting to enable data-driven, cloud-based application development.

Analysts predict PAAS to take over SAAS and gain an upper hand by 2015. If this has to be true PAAS providers are set for a transformational roller coaster for next two years to achieve the challenge of expectations. RedHat Openshift paas has announced its roadmap recently and the competition between OpenStack and CloudStack all prove to be supporting the prediction as it stands.

“As VMware pairs with leading organizations to build out the Cloud Foundry™ ecosystem, we are pleased to work with Jaspersoft to integrate its business intelligence platform with Cloud Foundry,” said Jerry Chen, Vice President, Cloud and Application Services, VMware. “Adding Jaspersoft’s robust BI to Cloud Foundry enables developers to have a powerful and flexible way to deploy and scale data-driven applications quickly, and glean insights from those applications, without restricting the use of infrastructure.”

Sudheer Raju

Sudheer Raju

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