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X1 Claims First eDiscovery and Enterprise Search On AWS

Written by  Sudheer Raju | 21 May 2012
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X1 eDiscoveryEnterprise Search space is well aware of desktop based enterprise search solution X1. IdeaLabs, the parent company of X1 has entered into eDisovery market as a thought leader and has launched its X1 Rapid Discovery platform which leverages the cloud architecture of Amazon Web Services (AWS) by being able to install and operate in an AWS customer's IaaS cloud environment.

IdeaLabs though stayed away from eDiscovery space, it has since launched its two eDiscovery products "X1 Social Discovery", targeting the social media eDiscovery previously and now "X1 Rapid Discovery" for discovery of data stored in cloud be it private or public clouds.

An X1 Rapid Discovery Amazon Machine Image (AMI) is now available in the AWS directory, thus providing for the automated and expedient installation of X1 Rapid Discovery directly into the AWS cloud. This means that AWS clients can now perform powerful on-demand search and eDiscovery of their data within their AWS environments worldwide without first exporting their data out of the cloud. The solution is designed to be virtualized and is not tied up to any third party technologies.

The solution offers unique benefits with a design that allows scale out with a remote installation ability across cloud or an enterprise along side a powerful web interface for eDiscovery and enterprise search. It makes it more interesting being a Non-appliance solution with a simple flat fee licensing model and no GB processing fees. 

X1 Search

X1 Rapid Discovery has joined Amazon Partner Program, and perhaps is the first of its kind to join as Amazon partner, offering end to end eDiscovery solution over cloud.

Sudheer Raju

Sudheer Raju

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