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A New Opensource CRM With A Gamification Twist In Town

Written by  Raja Rao | 30 May 2012
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zurmoZurmo is an opensource CRM built in PHP powered by jQuery, the Yii Framework and RedBeanPHP with a twist of gamification at its core. Taking a path different to traditional products Zurmo has announced availability of its product as beta.

This CRM product is designed to promote a working culture that is more social and collaborative powered by features such as Points and Badges, Levels and Categories, Challenges and Bonus Points, Leaderboard and others. Each team members moves to various levels based on points and badges the team members receive on the basis of a rewarding system and achievement of specific business milestones by its users. Categories and Levels include New Business, Sales, Account Management, Time Management and Communication.

The key CRM features as of today include Contact Management, Activity Management, Deal Tracking, Gamification, Security, Personalization, Internationalization, Deverloper and User Experience Friendly, Integrations that inlcude Currency, Email, Restful APIs, GeoCode and not the least its Mobile and Tablet Ready.

Impressively the product encourages competition within the team by enabling to challenge each other highlighting the top performers. The product team with all their heart acknowledge without any doubts in their minds that the product may not beat other major players in the features war but launch themselves with a different concept and make life in organizations fun and exciting to work. All the more its opensource, giving an added dimension. The contributing unit for this opensource product are test driven development lovers and have already published an elaborate roadmap for their future releases on their website.

With the release of beta, Zurmo now includes a new user interface designed by Theresa Neil, author of the book “Designing Web Interfaces”, published by O’Reilly Media. In addition to easing navigation, the Zurmo user interface has been described as fresh and visually appealing.

"A great deal of both creative and practical thinking has gone into the Zurmo UI,” states Zurmo Co-founder and Lead Architect Jason Green. “Each step of the process has been dominated by the question, ‘how will this make life easier for our end users?’. The result is an intuitive layout that reduces clicks and is also beautiful to look at" continues Green.

Raja Rao

Raja Rao

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