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Hadoop Market Heats Up With Hortonworks Data Platform Release

Written by  Sudheer Raju | 12 June 2012
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hortonworksHortonworks, one of the key players in development of Apache Hadoop has today announced the general availability of Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) 1.0. HDP is an open source platform powered by Apache Hadoop and makes Hadoop easy to consume and use in enterprise environments.

The key focus surrounding the first release of its version of Hadoop revolves around vital tools to manage, analyze and monitor metadata and data integration services required by organizations to leverage the advantages of big data at hand. This release comes weeks after Cloudera CDH4 availability and is certainly showing 2012 to be year of Hadoop and Big Data.

Hortonworks Data Platform enables enterprises to load and persistently store data in any format and at any volume. HDP packages the essential Apache Hadoop projects into a comprehensive and integrated platform. It includes common capabilities for scripting (Pig), query (Hive), scheduling and workflow (Oozie), NoSQL database (HBase), as well as other essential components. HDP makes it easier for ecosystem vendors to natively integrate Hadoop with their services and offerings, providing for more user-friendly experiences.

The release includes a very intuitive interface to accelerate the process of getting a Hadoop cluster up and running within no time and along with it comes an easy to configure management reporting layer to track health of hadoop cluster as well as centralized access to HDP’s built-in management functionality. The company has said that HDP integration service powered by Talend, also provides users with graphical interfaces for connecting to data sources and building complex transformation logic all without writing a line of code. In addition, core platform services enable scheduling of data integration, transformation and data refinement within the platform.

Hortonworks has opted to release its first HDP version based on Apache Hadoop 1.0 which is stable but only supports single namenode giving a downside of single point of failure, which has since been addressed in Apache Hadoop 2.0, available only as alpha release as of now with support for multiple namenodes. However Hortonworks HDP teams up with VMWare vSphere to provide back up services, should something go wrong to push the requests to alternate hadoop cluster. The product is launched with enterprise level support package providing access to its knowledge base, articles, upgrades, email and phone support access.

Sudheer Raju

Sudheer Raju

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