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Open Source Software, The Indispensable Mantra For Success Of An Enterprise

Written by  Ritu Saxena | 30 August 2012
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oss.pngWhat do developments like VMWare’s acquisition of Nicira, Microsoft’s support for Linux in Windows Azure, Apple’s usage of open source software in iPhones, Apple’s take over of CUPS (Common Unix Printing System) indicate? Or the increasing number of corporates willing to join the open source communities like, VMWare joining OpenStack Foundation, Twitter, Servergy and Inktank in the final stages of agreement to join Linux Foundation, lead to?

As observed by Linux Foundation executive director Jim Zemlin, Open Source Software(OSS) has now become the key for the success of every enterprise specially focusing on software services. Not only start-ups or shoe string budget small enterprises, but all successful technology companies are now using and contributing to open source communities. These communities are becoming powerful enough to bring the competitors together. Though OSS existed before, its true worth is realised only after the (*)-As-A–Service revolution supported by the Cloud came. There is a complete focus shift from hush–hush internal or closed software to open source software.

We already had active OSS contributors like Oracle, which embraces and offers leading open source solutions as a viable choice for development and deployment. Oracle has made significant contributions to open source technologies such as MySQL,, GlassFish, Linux, PHP, Apache, Eclipse, Berkeley DB, NetBeans, VirtualBox, Xen, and InnoDB and more. IBM, which contributes for many open source emerging technology projects through communities including Apache, Eclipse and Linux.

Google has always been a strong proponent of OSS with Android, Chrome, GWT and not to forget RedHat and Amazon’s contribution to the open source world. With other established tech giants joining the movement OSS will mature further and maybe one day totally wipe out the need for in-house software development for restricted usage.

Facebook has been developed Ground-Up on open source software and there are many more success stories of the like. Not only software, the open source wave is catching up in the hardware domain too. Facebook led Open Compute Project, a group that aims to revolutionize computer hardware through the power of open-source collaboration is gaining momentum. Big players like HP, AMD, Tencent, Salesforce, VMware, Canonical, Vantage, Alibaba, Supermicro, and Cloudscaling are already a part of it.

But with the growing popularity of open source software solutions we also need some benchmarking and lifecycle management solutions to ensure that the end users don’t get lost in the emerging OSS world and obtain the best of the open system. Gartner reported that on average, 29% of deployed code was open source, and that by 2015 at least 95% of mainstream IT organizations will leverage open source solutions within mission critical software deployments.

So do you think OSS is indeed the ‘The Indispensable Mantra For Success’ of a company, or it is just a wave that will pass away with time?

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Ritu Saxena

Ritu Saxena

Ritu is the technical brain behind the website and comes from a strong development background across Web and Mobile platforms. She is our senior editor primarily responsible for Product Reviews and in future will be leading Start-Ups, Mobile and Quality areas.

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