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GreenPlum And Alpine Target In Database Big Data Predictive Analytics

Written by  Ravi Vadugu | 09 September 2012
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greenplum analyticsBig Data initiative this year has enriched the market with number of start-ups this year along with existing products to scale themselves into not just data processing but analytics, data storage and more. However most of such scalability has come with a bit of inflexibility for enterprises forcing them to create a separate data processing, storage and analytics infrastructure. This is where EMC and Alpine have come together to provide single, real-time data analytics platform integrated with a powerful processing database.

EMC has integrated GreenPlum's computational capabilities of parallel data processing with Alpine's analytics software for data mining, modeling, and predictive analytics on Big Data. Greenplum Chorus, EMC's social toolset for Big Data will inherit the predictive analytics and collaboration capabilities from Alpine's products (Alpine Miner and Aline Illuminator) enabling users to analyze Chorus datasets with predictive models and workflows, and then publish the resulting insights for further collaboration. Alpine further comes with support for Hadoop, IBM DB2, Oracle ExaData, Netezza, PostgreSQL and many more products.

The combined offering is one of the advanced in-database solution for Big Data predictive analytics. Targeting an analytics infrastructure 'in a box,' the solution comes with following benefits as a start

  • No data movement required
  • Built-in scalability from the Greenplum MPP architecture
  • One-click model deployment
  • A rapid and iterative approach to data modeling
  • Elimination of data silos

EMC has said it will resell the Alpine Data Labs product suite: Alpine Miner and Alpine Illuminator, fully integrated with EMC Greenplum Database, EMC Greenplum Chorus, EMC Greenplum HD, and the EMC Greenplum Data Computing Appliance (DCA).

"EMC is committed to exposing the value of in-database analytics, and Alpine Data Labs is a natural partner for us in helping our customers move beyond traditional business intelligence to leverage their Big Data to achieve better business results faster. Alpine has taken all the power and scalability of Greenplum solutions, applied it to the world of predictive analytics on big data, and made it available via a simple web-based application."

Ravi Vadugu

Ravi Vadugu

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