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Can MySql Be Used For BigData With TokuDB?

Written by  Ravi Vadugu | 26 September 2012
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tokudbPerformance of applications make or break businesses these days. Organisations are always in look out for improving application performance at low cost. TokuDB with its recent release seems to be on good investment for applications using MySql or MariaDB as database. TokuDB in its recent release scales MySql and MariaDB from Giga Bytes to Tera Bytes while improving overall performance for Flash drives. This helps many applications which run on MySql and MariaDB databases boost their performance.

TokuDB is an ACID compliant storage engine for MySQL that is specifically designed for high performance on write-intensive workloads. It achieves this via proprietary Fractal Tree indexing. Recent survey indicates that 60% of the datacenters use Flash based solid storage to give better performance to their customers. With TokuDB's indexes enables larger writes with less frequent resulting in improved performance reducing the strain on wear life.

Applications using MySql were previously restricted on database size due to the performance issues, that can be caused by poor insertion rates, slow queries, and others. TokuDB enhances large databases by speeding indexing upto 80 times. Due to this high performance it is proving ideal for applications that must simultaneously query and update large volumes of data.

Improved performance for both read and write means replication speeds would increase, resulting in business getting updated reports. Compression of database is 5x to 10x more than before saving disc space which would mean less expensive for businesses. Database sizes can grow to terabyte or larger databases, thanks to all performance improvements. TokuDB is fully compatible with existing applications. Data is loaded, inserted, and queried using standard MySQL commands, with no restrictions or special requirements. Tables can be individually defined to use TokuDB, MyISAM, InnoDB or other MySQL-compliant storage engines. TokuDB is also ACID and Multiversion concurrency control(MVCC) compliant.

You could try TokuDB by downloading from here

Ravi Vadugu

Ravi Vadugu

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