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SAPs New Analytics Editions To Unlock More Value From BigData

Written by  Raja Rao | 03 October 2012
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SAP AnlyticsThere are many solutions in the market to analyze BigData. But what is crucial is the extent to which value is unlocked from the analysis done. SAP has come up with new analytic software that bundles SAP BusinessObjects business intelligence (BI) solutions and the SAP Sybase IQ server, a high-performance data foundation designed specifically for analytics.

The solutions being offered with analytics edition currently are SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence suite, SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence suite, SAP BusinessObjects BI, Edge and SAP Crystal Server.

Scalability is one of the important factors for growing organizations both in terms of data and analysis. SAP Analytics Editions, with their scalability feature can help small and midsize companies in their data analysis. The easy to use tools help analyze data on multiple devices and help companies in taking an informed decision. They can even help analyze data from social networks such as Twitter to understand public sentiment about their products and services.

Complex data analytics tasks can be executed on SAP Sybase IQ server with good query performance. Reporting, datamining and analytics can be achieved in less time. Greater scalability with an open, flexible, column-based architecture is possible with this solution. Support for volume growth and data without sacrificing load speed or query performance is a plus for this solution.

"With the new analytics editions of SAP BusinessObjects BI and SAP Crystal solutions, customers can start driving their own decision revolutions more cost-effectively than ever before," said John Schweitzer, senior vice president and general manager, Analytics, SAP. "As technologies such as BI, data warehousing and data integration continue to come together, organizations large and small are looking for end-to-end solutions that can turn 'big data' into 'intelligent data' and quickly answer any business question. The analytics editions take this even further by offering the expert content they need to accelerate return on investment."

Raja Rao

Raja Rao

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