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Oracle Previews New MySQL Cluster With Forigen Key And Node.js Support

Written by  Sudheer Raju | 05 October 2012
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mysql clusterThe first development milestone release (DMR) for MySQL Cluster 7.3 was on preview this week at MySQL Connect Conference. The release features support for Forigen Keys, NoSQL API for Node.js and new MySQL cluster Auto-Installer.

MySQL Cluster is a shared nothing distributed data node storage solution designed for fault tolerance and performance. This multi master setup is designed to be accessed via SQL and NoSQL interfaces.

The multiple data nodes are now bound by foreign keys enabling the referential integrity and the cluster now comes with an ability to add or drop foreign keys online further enhancing MySQL Cluster's support for online schema changes including addition and dropping of indexes, columns and more.

Node.js has more or less replaced the traditional thread driven request/response to much more real time event driven and has generated enough buzz that, its now first in the list of most commercial and opensource products to support. Understandably MySQL Cluster in this release has demonstrated brand new Node.js Javascript API for MySQL Cluster as an Early Access release.


Node.js module integrates the MySQL Cluster native API library directly within the web application itself, enabling developers to seamlessly couple their high performance, distributed applications with a high performance, distributed, persistence layer delivering 99.999% availability.

Along with above enhancements the release comes with an auto installer that works with both 7.2 and 7.3 versions of MySQL Cluster allowing a HTML GUI to configure and provision highly optimized MySQL Cluster deployments both on-premise and on cloud.

Sudheer Raju

Sudheer Raju

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