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KitaroDB Comes Out As A Native NoSQL Database For Windows

Written by  Sudheer Raju | 02 November 2012
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kitarodbSynergex International Corp. today announced their release of KitaroDB 1.0, a free NoSQL database that runs natively in the WinRT, Win32, and .NET environments. KitaroDB is a fast, efficient data store that supports key-value pairs as well as intrusive keys, and can be used by developers across Microsoft's platforms.

Written in pure "C" language, KitaroDB operates natively in the WinRT (Windows 8 UI), the Win32 (x86 and x64) and .NET environments. This key-value nosql database features an easy to use C#, VB, C++, C and HTML5/JavaScript interfaces, Support of large-sector drives, consumes less than a megabyte of memory resources, an on disk data store, ability to handle Asynchronous and synchronous operations with a storage limit of 100 TB.

With today’s launch of KitaroDB 1.0, Synergex has also released an open source application that’s powered by KitaroDB. “Baconography” is a Reddit client for Windows 8. Using KitaroDB’s ability to store data on-disk, Baconography is able to provide an excellent user experience regardless of the status of the internet connection. Baconography’s source is available on, and the application has been submitted to the Windows Store.

Plans for future KitaroDB versions include support for Linux and other platforms, support for records larger than 64K, and a specialized server edition. KitaroDB is provided free of charge, and support subscriptions are available. The basic support starts at $195 and goes upto $1995 for a business subscription with dedicated email and phone hours, hotfixes and update notifications.

“We’re extremely excited to introduce KitaroDB,” states Roger Andrews, CTO at Synergex. “It lets developers incorporate local storage for applications that might otherwise fall over if internet connections are lost. Plus, their local data stores are in the exact same format as they’d otherwise expect to use, which means a lot less coding, and a lot less room for error.”

Sudheer Raju

Sudheer Raju

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