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Sudheer Raju

Founder of ToolsJournal, a technology journal on software tools and services. Sudheer has overall accountability for the webiste product development and is responsible for Sales and Marketing. With a flair to write, Sudheer himself writes for toolsjournal across all journal categories.

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crowdtiltopenWhat formerly existed as Crowdhoster, an opensource project launched in its private beta last august has re-shaped itself and launched yesterday as CrowdtiltOpen. CrowdtiltOpen takes its birth from the immense interest and growth that Crowdhoster has seen last few months with community putting it to best use raising hundreds of crowd funding campaigns.

dbmaestroSource code change management is not a new concept and has been there from ages, however one thing that enterprises always overlook is the same integrated change management applied to database objects and scripts.

thomas pedersenCloud applications are becoming more popular across businesses of all sizes. According to research out earlier this year, 71% of companies had cloud applications being used by employees without the IT team being aware. How can IT professionals manage this kind of situation, or is it too late?

voxerMessaging has been at the forefront of mobile devices last few years and the industry has seen many apps surrounding this concept. One such app is Voxer, a company which has established itself as a player in push-to-talk (PTT), and multimedia messaging.

qsnapqSnap, a free screen capture and documentation tool is the new launch from QASymphony last week claiming it to be the only plug-in of its kind that works across all popular browsers. The tool can be downloaded at its website.

rachelobstlerTesting has definitely seen a linear increment in the complexity graph since last few years be it in increased scope of testing or finding a right product that caters to latest testing trends. Who can best express views than Rachel Obstler, Senior Director, Product Marketing at Keynote Systems, who is right in the mix of such complexities and helping clients to find better ways to address testing challenges?

tier3Tier 3 is a cloud management platform for mid-tier to large enterprises. The company has combined elements of the traditional enterprise cloud market with those of cloud management platforms, bringing even more value to Its customers than any one provider in either of those markets alone. In an interview to ToolsJournal, Jared Wray (Founder and CTO) talks about cloud management, ROI and a whole range of issues.

tipbit appEmail is what we use every day, infact the first thing that we check towards start of day to the last thing we do end of the day. Ever experienced the complexity of doing this on mobile specifically when one has to copy and paste content for related emails, understand and manipulate information from multiple emails for a meeting?

deviceconnectThe biggest challenge today to perform mobile based testing is the management of sheer number of devices themselves on which an app have to be tested. Needless to say the devices are either not available to everyone working in a distributed environment or are lost in tranlation across teams. Here is where Mobile Labs have launched their patent pending solution "DeviceConnect", ´╗┐an internal device cloud that delivers comprehensive management capabilities for mobile devices in corporate test labs and the apps that require testing.

agile project managementMoving from traditional way of delivering projects to iterative or agile development, some may say there is no project management within agile development and its all scrum or iteration driven by scrum master. Whoever does it the very concept of project management still applies with a subtle difference.

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