Jason Beres, VP Product Management Infragistics, On NetAdvantage for Windows UI

Written by  Ritu Saxena | 07 November 2012
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infragisticsInfragistics, the design and user experience (UX) Software Company, recently announced NetAdvantage for Windows UI, a set of WinJS HTML and WINRT XAML controls that take advantage of the latest Microsoft Operating System. With NetAdvantage for Windows UI, developers can create their best Windows 8 apps that consistently deliver compelling user experiences.

The tool-set, currently in beta, includes Infragistics multi-point, multi-touch charts and maps to translate static data into visually meaningful and interactive experiences. Binding to and displaying data on smaller form factors is no problem with NetAdvantage for Windows UI grids. Here is some more information on the release provided by Jason Beres, VP Product Management, Infragistics.

When can we expect the final release of the Tool set which is currently in beta phase?

NetAdvantage for Windows UI will be in beta throughout the end of the year, and we will ship RTM quality controls in late Q1 2013.  Our goal is to ship over 100 high performance, scalable and of course Fast & Fluid controls with the product.

Do the same controls work fine for Windows8 and WindowsRT?

Yes, NetAdvantage for Windows UI can be used in both Windows RT and Windows 8.  All applications built for NetAdvantage for Windows UI must be deployed through the Windows Store.  If you are building applications that are targeting the Windows 8 desktop, you can use any of the products in our NetAdvantage Ultimate toolset, which includes Windows Forms, WPF, Silverlight, ASP.NET, MVC and jQuery / HTML5 controls.

Do the controls work for both HTML and XAML environments?

Yes, we are shipping controls that developers can use to build either XAML applications or WinJS applications.  The benefit to the developers using Infragistics controls are that our feature set and API is the same as the platforms they've been using to build desktop applications.  So, developers that have been building apps using our Silverlight or WPF controls will find the same API and feature set in the XAML controls in NetAdvantage for Windows UI.  The same is true for developers using our Ignite UI jQuery / HTML5 toolset - the feature set and API in our WinJS product is the same.

Is there any performance bench-marking done for the toolset in association with Microsoft?

Hands down, we have the fastest and most scalable Data Grids & Charts in the market today. Those same controls are what our customers can expect in NetAdvantage for Windows UI.  Infragistics controls are used in the most demanding applications from small business to the Fortune 50, including real time stock trading, high-volume insurance applications, television & media management applications and large-scale government applications.  We do internal performance testing on these controls which we publish for customers.  You can find those reports here:

Performance Reports: NetAdvantage for WPFNetAdvantage for SilverlightIgnite UI

Is there anything else you'd like to add on NetAdvantage for Windows UI?

Infragistics is the market leader in UI controls that cover the broadest set of platforms with the deepest feature set on the market today.  With NetAdvantage for Windows UI, we will continue to deliver great controls that help developers build great experiences for apps that target the Windows Store.

Ritu Saxena

Ritu Saxena

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