Kendo UI Brings HTML5 To The Enterprise With Java Wrappers

Written by  Ravi Vadugu | 20 November 2012
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kendouiTelerik, an end-to-end provider of software application life cycle and content management solutions has taken a step further to make its flagship product Kendo UI enterprise ready by adding highly interactive HTML5-based financial charts to Kendo UI DataViz. Along with it comes a critical feature of Java server-side wrappers that enable Java developers to use familiar server-side programming skills to build modern sites that benefit from Kendo UI’s client-side power and cross-browser HTML5 compatibility.

Given that there is a good buy in from enteprises to move towards HTML5, cross platform development, data visualization and open standards this release is considered to give an edge to Telerik over its competitors.

Back in April this year, Kendo UI has simplified mobile app development with HTML5 and JavaScript and further providing .Net server wrappers. This release is a further build up on whats already there extending it further to support Java via java server side wrappers. Telerik has said that that Java wrappers will remain in beta for now and will be generally available early next year. The company further plans to release wrappers in 2013 for additional development platforms.

This release also adds highly interactive HTML5-based financial charts to Kendo UI DataViz. This enables developers to present complex financial data in interactive charts that users can easily zoom, pan and manipulate on both desktop computers and mobile devices. Kendo UI DataViz is a dedicated suite of HTML5-powered data visualization widgets like animated charts, radial and linear gauges and area/stacked area charts.

“This release is a milestone for enterprise developers interested in adopting HTML5,” said Todd Anglin, Vice President, HTML5 Web and Mobile Tools at Telerik. “Never before has an HTML and JavaScript toolset done as much as Kendo UI to address the needs of enterprise developers. We’ve brought our expertise building developer tools to the huge community of Java enterprise developers, while simultaneously adding critical features that make HTML5 ready for enterprise projects.”

Ravi Vadugu

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